Jun 252007

When i saw this photo on the PC, guess what was the first thing did i do?

Cheeky me asked boy1 to guess what this is and he gave me an answer which i have expected to hear.

A washing sponge!

The one that auntie (my helper) uses to wash the dishes.


A good try i must say but it’s not.

It’s my bread!


A very successful loaf of bread using the bread machine.

All along, i was always telling others how lousy my $300 bread machine is. We bought it nearly 6 years ago when the first bread machine was sold in the departmental store. The bread the machine makes always turns out dense and too wet. The recipe i used comes with the bread machine. I’ve never thought of trying other recipes merely because i thought the recipes that came with it should be the best for the machine. How stooopeeed of me! Lol.

Last month when i received my monthly newsletter from Kenwood which was having bread making class using bread machine, i signed up for it almost immediately. The main intention was to check out the bread made using the bread machine and also to obtain the recipe if it’s nice. And boy, it was NICE!

Better than the ones in the bakery! Maybe because i ate them fresh from the oven.. er, bread machine i mean.

Conclusion : It’s not my bread machine that is lousy. It’s the owner!!! :P

Sharing my yummilicious white bread loaf recipe using the bread machine, from Kenwood Bread making class ->

(Because i want you to have freshly baked bread in the morning too. The smell when it’s baking away while you are sleeping is like a dream and a very good wake up call! :P)

300ml water
50g butter
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
225g bread flour
225g plain flour
2 tbsp milk powder
1 1/2 tsp yeast

1. Pour ingredients into the bread pan according to sequence.
2. Select programme. Press start. (i use basic and sometimes dark crust)
3. Do not open the lid when the dough is rising.
4. When the bread is done, it should be taken out from the bread pan immediately to prevent shrinking and sweating of bread.

Last but not least, hope you’ll enjoy the bread as much as i do! :)

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