Jun 272007

For this cake, i spent $40 on the durian itself! *gasp*

What durians and how many did i buy?

2 D24 durians which housed only 12 miserable seed durians. That’s like almost $4 each! Luckily they taste pretty good but i only got to eat 1 because the rest was used for making durian cream and that also was not enough for the recipe! Gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

The cake was meant for Father’s Day celebration. Unfortunately, my sponge cake failed on me on that particular day! *sniffs* So potong steam you know..

I was using a new recipe for the sponge cake you see.. and till now, i have no idea why it failed in the first place. The only reason i could think of is i under baked them.

I’d be trying again though, to determine the reason! Heh.

Due to the failed sponge cake, the fathers got to eat this only the next day. This time, i used a tried and tested sponge cake recipe because i didn’t want the durian cream (which i’ve already made the day before) to go wasted just in case i fail again :P

To add more oommpphhh, i mixed in 2 tbsp of rum to the durian cream.

It became sweet and bitter at the same time. Very nice! :P

However, hb thinks the cake was so-so only due to the sponge cake. He dislikes the sponge alot. The critic commented that the sponge cake texture was too heavy. It over shadowed the durian cream. So it’s like the main actor got less role playing time than the supporting actor in a show. Heh.

And you know what?

I think hb is pretty spot on because that was how i felt too even though the rest was thumbs up! :P

Oh, why naked durian cake? Because they are not dressed up in cream and decoration! Been having too much cakes lately.. Need to watch my waistline!

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