Jul 092007

I was telling bestie that i craved for her doughnuts last week and bestie being bestie, i got invited to her place a few days after to satisfy my cravings!

So nice of her yeah?

She knows i love her doughnuts and was generous enough to share her recipe with me but somehow, i didn’t want her recipe because the doughnuts and her come together! Lol.

It’s a special thing. The bestie and the doughnuts.

I don’t wanna make it myself. If i do, it wont be so special anymore :P

pssttt : lazy people has tons of excuses don’t they? Hahaha.

Sugar coated doughnut holes in sticks!

Chocolate rice doughnut holes in sticks!

More chocolate rice doughnuts!

The kids.. enjoying as much as i do :)

Ahhh.. total bliss!

Wanna know how many i had?

3 sticks and 4 normal doughnuts!!!!!

Mad right? :P

I felt so so so so so so so so so so so so so guilty after that..

Bestie didn’t do the cheese doughnuts this time which is also excellent but all in all, cravings satisfied!

My good day definitely *wink*

Heart bestie!

  2 Responses to “My good day”

  1. Donuts are my most favorite thing in the whole world!! I am forever looking for good tasty traditional sugared donuts….its very very difficult to find nowadays :( Can you please please share the recipe with me???

  2. Wait yeah.. i go get from bestie first :)

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