Sep 252007

OOooo.. i love these lovelies.

They are absolutely delicious!

They’re made from egg whites, melted butter and almond meal. Again, looks can be very deceiving here. Heh.

I love its texture, soft and moist yet light. The almond meal is almost not there, you can’t quite taste the graininess but the nutty almond taste is definitely there.

I like this better than Friands if you were to ask me. So if i’ve got extra egg whites next time, Financiers is the word :P

Because i did 2-3 types of cakes within a 2 days’ span, i gave some to the boys’ very nice paediatrician when we went to the East side to send the mixer for service.

Quite a girlie gift box aye? No other boxes!

In it, i packed 2 Financiers and a slice of Chocolate Truffle cake which i made specially for the husband before we left to KL. The husband has been requesting for it for months! Heh.

Cakes for the doctor :)

Hope the doc loves them as much as i do…

Recipe :

1/2 cup slice almond
6oz unsalted butter
1 tbsp vanilla extract
4 large egg whites (room temp)
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
1 1/3 cup icing sugar
1 cup plain flour
3/4 ground almond

1. Toast the almond slices till brown
2. Brown butter in a saucepan with vanilla. Cook over medium heat till butter is foamy and light brown. Cool to lukewarm
3. Beat egg whites and tartar till soft peaks. Then slowly add the icing sugar and whip till firm and glossy peaks
4. Fold in the flour into the egg white in 3 stages
5. Fold in the ground almond into egg white in 3 stages, follow by the cooled browned butter mixture in 3 stages
6. Divide batter. Take note that batter will not rise that much. Only slightly. Sprinkle the top with toasted almonds and bake for 12-15 mins in 150 degree oven

Bon appetite! :D

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  1. Hey cherie

    I always thought that friands and financiers were inter-changable terms!! So much for my knowledge! haha!!!’re tempting me to request the recipe!! :p

  2. Recipe updated! :)

  3. Thanks cherie! :)

    Love those boxes too!

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