Aug 112008

Alas, i managed to get my hands on RLB’s Bread Bibble from the library!

This time round, i used this :

Japanese sweet potato

Awesome purple!

I could hardly wait to see my end result of the loaf…. was anxiously anticipating of a beauuuutiful purple colour loaf and ta-dahhhhhhhhhh!

Check it out!

Isn’t it gooorrrgeouss?? ^.^

I ate 4 slices of it the next morning and of course, 1 slice of it right after i sliced the loaf, just before bedtime. Hmmpphh~

I guess the statement above was enough to tell you how much i love it aye?

It was awfully soft and fluffy. I like it best toasted  + a huge slab of salted butter. Yumsssss :P~~

I so need to buy this book. No more borrowing from the library!

U hear me pig?

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