Oct 022009

When i first saw the recipe on e’s joie’s blog, i knew i had to copy down the recipe pronto!

I loveeeee pancakes!

But that’s not really the main reason why i was ecstatic :)

I was ecstatic because the recipe worked like store bought pancake premix! How cool is that??? Excellent for lazy pigs peeps like me who doesn’t like to work from scratch all the time if i can help it :P

I’ve been using this recipe for ages (it rocks!), since i first copied it down to be exact. But it was only recently that i felt like photographing it.. hee.. mainly because i did a little adaption to it!

From just a normal pancake, i’ve been adding strawberries, blueberries and bananas to it. Totally decadent i tell ya!


my not-so-ready-pancake but halfway watching the maple syrup drip drip drip, i got inspired and quickly snap a few before adding more stuff to complete the styling.. but alas, by the time i finished styling, no more dripping maple syrup! :(

Nigella Lawson’s Pancake Premix

300g plain flour

25g baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

30g caster sugar

1. mix them up and keep in air tight container.

2. yields 3 cups of pancake premix.


1 cup pancake premix + 1 egg + 1 cup milk + 1 tbsp melted butter + 1 tsp vanilla essence

1, lightly whisk it to batter stage.

2. yields 7 pancakes

Source : e’s joie


I know, i know…..

Can’t tell from the photo that the pancake is actually banana pancake yeah? I thought so too! But it is! It’s just that the banana’s colour isn’t as outstanding as strawberries/blueberries, in fact, the banana’s colour camoflouged really well with the pancakes, so.. one cannot tell at all especially from the angle i photographed.

I should had done a ‘from top’ shot!

Oh well…

Next up, i’ll experiment with apples and cinnamon – love the combi! Can’t wait *excited* :P



By the time i placed the sliced bananas at the side, add more butter (the previous one melted even before i could say ‘cheese!’) and adjusted the cutlery… the pancakes were already swiming in maple syrup and butter -_-

Hence i didn’t bother to take a nicer shot of it eg; moving the milk slightly to the right for better composition.

So ma fan hor??

The chronicles of an inexperience food photographer! (not that i’m one yet :P)

Being a blogger who posts food entries occasionally  isn’t easy at all. So much effort involved!

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  1. omg these look so good! u ought to open a brunch cafe :D and i think u must be one of the rare people who can pull off black background well. i can’t seem to do it, thats why i “invested” on a shiny black plastic coz it’ll look better with the reflection :p

    LOL-ing at the pigs strike-off peeps.

  2. evan : thanks babe.. u’re always so sweet! :)

    your photos with black background rock too!

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