Oct 272009

I was craving for green tea something, so green tea something i got!


As i was browsing my recipe book, i came across this soft centred green tea cupcakes and i thought, wow.. this is it! Something what i’d really like to have right now!

There are molten cakes for chocolate (which i heart to bits) but never for green tea and i like green tea. So why not?? ^.^

As much i’d like to say it turned out great, i couldn’t.

For it wasn’t what i had expected it to be.

Green tea-ish, yes. Perfect texture, u bet! But, something wasn’t too right. While friends thought they were great especially when warm — they ignored my instruction to eat them with ice cream! they ate just like that and loved it. hmmm.. maybe it’s just me? *shrug* –, i thought it was a little too green tea-ish.Lol. I know! I know! I did say i wanted green tea something.. but this is a little too much, especially the soft centered part. :P


However, having it with a scoop of ice cream is great!!

Eating it just like that isn’t.

Otherwise, topped’em with cream cheese frosting is fantabulous too!



Just the way my boy likes them :)

Lotsssssssssssssssssssssssssss of cream cheese frosting!

Just for this frosting fanatic of mine :D


It was fun seeing the little cupcake monster at work.

From how his eyes lit up when he first saw the just-for-him-frosting, to struggling moment, when he was literally struggling to finish it. Heeee..

It was quite tickling :P


All in all, not a cake i’d bake again.. but.

If you’re really really into green tea, please.. by all means, this is one helluva cake for ya! *wink*

Soft-centered Green Tea Cupcakes

Green tea custard filling :

30g sugar

45g egg yolks

1g natural vanilla bean paste

250ml milk

15g flour

15g cornflour

5g butter

50ml whipping cream

10g matcha powder

Green tea cake base :

240g butter

240g flour

10g matcha powder

1 tsp baking powder

150g sugar

4 large eggs


. sieve the flour, matcha powder and cornflour together

. sieve the flour, baking powder and matcha powder together

. preheat oven to 180

Green tea custard filling

1. beat sugar and yolks until pale and thick. add flour, matcha powder and cornflour. mix well.

2. boil the milk. pour the hot milk into the green tea custard from step1 and stir well. cook over medium heat while stirring constantly until it thickens. add vanilla bean paste. turn off the heat and stir in butter. leave to cool.

3. stir whipping cream into the custard.

4. put the custard into piping bag, pipe into balls about 2cm in size over a silicone non stick baking sheet. keep in freezer until hard.

Green Tea cake base

1. beat butter and sugar with an electric mixer until fluffy and satiny.

2. add eggs little by little. mix well. sieve in dry ingredients.

3. pipe the batter into muffin tins to fill up to 70%. place a piece of frozen green tea custard at the center. top up batter until almost touches the brim. level the surface with spatula (i didn’t).

4. bake in the preheated oven for 15-20 minutes. leave on rack to cool.


Source: Dessert for you by Rachel Yau

  3 Responses to “Soft-centered Green Tea Cupcakes”

  1. looks nice lehhh i like macha and the more bitter the better! and didi looks so funny! the cream cheese frosting got vanilla bean inside, i can see!!!!!!! *goes crazy* i love seeing those little specks!

  2. OH so the recipe is by rachel yau, i didn’t see it at 1st coz u put it at the bottom! no wonder i found it so familiar. i hv the book too, did you buy it as well? but i was only attracted by the photography, none of the recipes entice me haha. u know of the recipes (i think was creme brulee) had the sugar stick by the side, i saw it at TWG that day and bought some, wanna use it in my photos :p

  3. evan : i go crazy whenever i spot specks of vanilla bean too! ahahahhahaa… yeah, i bought the book! lovely pics isn’t it? wahh.. u really have eagle eye yeah babe? u see everything! i was at TWG and i didn’t even spot that sugar stick! hehehehhee..

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