Nov 052009

My love for or nee (mashed yam) didn’t go all the way back to the 80′s or 90′s.

I was first introduced this decadent dessert by the husband. In fact, lots of dishes/food were introduced by hb, eg ; mee rebus, mee siam, kueh tutu, mutton, beef, duck etc (yupyup, u read right! i never had these food before i was 19. i was not keen to try them at all before that).

Being a teochew (the husband), this dessert is well loved by his whole family. The first time i had it? Hmmmm.. probably at a teochew restaurant. Mil does it beautifully too… but er, i can do without the shallot oil though! Heee :P


I don’t fry them either.


So, yeah.. mine is definitely a modern and healthier take towards this traditional and well loved dessert but that’s because i fancy the dessert like this – no frying, no shallots oil :)


Apart from eating or nee just like that, i also heart eating or nee in bun, bread, curry puff, mooncakes.

I usually go ga-ga whenever i see yam buns and will never resist to buy one whenever i come across it. And nope, my love for or nee is definitely not because i’m part of teochew now… it’s more like because i love everything yummy! *oink* :@


Or nee

500g yam

200g sugar (your own preference)

1/2 cup warm milk

1. cube yam and steam till soft.

2. blend yam and sugar together (amount of sugar to your liking).

3. last but not least, add warm milk for creamier texture.


  6 Responses to “Or nee”

  1. Though I’m half Teochew, I didn’t know or-nee can be taken as dessert LOL!! Love your blog!! Keep it up!! Cheers from Malaysia!

  2. Heheh.. i didn’t even know that yam can be eaten like this! i am from Malaysia too :)

  3. You remind me of my childhood, in sarawak, the or nee is mixed with pork oil and sugar. It was a common dessert for a wedding banquet during 80′s in Sibu. First time I heard you can use warm milk for it. Will try it up soon. Yam in aus is like a gold…so expensive.

  4. hehehheee.. i always adapt recipes to my liking.. next cny, u bring back yam! let me know how it turns out ;)

  5. oh i love this dessert so much! especially when it uses oil rather than coconut milk ;) pretty pics. x

  6. thank you! i like you blog too! :)

    but do u mean, “uses MILK rather than coconut milk?”

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