Nov 062009

So i experimented some more.


This time, i decided on vanilla bean macarons with dark chocolate ganache.

Not hard to tell why i picked this flavour hor?

The sweet gf gave a bundle of vanilla pods to me recently knowing how much i heart baking and because she doesn’t have any need for it. It was really thoughtful of her. Thanks sweetie :)

I used Helen‘s recipe and i found it too sweet for my liking as compared to Aunty Yochana‘s here.

Apart from being a little too sweet — i tried eating the shells only, i er… didn’t quite perfect my skills too sadly.


Even though i followed the instructions faithfully, i think i over mixed the batter! *boo-hoo*

The thing is, when i used Aunty’s recipe, i could mix and mix and the batter will not become too watery. For Helen’s recipe, i folded the batter less than 50 times and this happened. Too watery. I had a hard time piping these disgustingly-easy-to-hate-but-you-can’t-because-they’re-oh-so-scrumptious-and-you-can’t-help-but-addicted-to-getting-it-right bitche babies!

I used to wonder this all the time and i still do wonder it now.

Can we cut down the sugar used in macarons??

For both of my attempts, i did. But not by a lot though. Just 10-20g at most.

Because the macarons were rather sweet, i paired them with dark chocolate (64%) ganache. It turned out pretty good! Sweet and bitter… perfecto! I didn’t find the macarons sweet anymore after that.

Apart  from having problem piping the batter, i also found that the macarons were a little too crispy as compared to my first attempt? (almost like eating hard candy when i tried the shells!)


It was still chewy in the centre though, thankfully!

Oh, another problem i encountered… the shells were stuck to the non-stick baking paper like nobody’s business. I poured water to the bottom paper to release it but apparently, it wasn’t good enough. Time to invest on silpat huh?

Despite the hiccups, i was pretty pleased that my macarons didn’t crack this time. They were smooth, real smooth!


Hmmm.. as for the feet, i can’t tell if it’s good enough?

I’m still working on getting a fatter, plumper shell!

Mine’s too compact imo.

  2 Responses to “The macaron story II”

  1. not bad leh, got feet!! but ya i think the batter was overmixed hence flatter, more crispy, sticks to the silpat (ya it will also stick to the silpat, not just paper).

    aiyo me no pro la, especially when we’re gonna try other ppl’s recipes i oso dunno how it’ll turn out. coz i nv try other ppl’s recipes b4! actually got, my 1st failed attempt was from la tartine gourmande’s site :p but most importantly is we will have fun :D

    p/s : u also cannot get very white shells? i’m trying to achieve that, but my white macarons always turn slightly brown *pulls hair*

  2. really????? sticks to silpat too?? -_-

    if u not pro, then no one can be one already! fun?!? u dun laugh at me good already! hahaha, yes i cant get the white white shells.. i actually overbaked them! next time i must sit in front of the oven and stare already :P

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