Mar 292010

This snack is not uncommon.

It can be found almost everywhere!

In Indonesia, there are quite a variety of bakwan according to my helper. There are bakwan udang, bakwan jagung, bakwan with cili, bakwan sayur etc. The ones we normally have at home are bakwan sayur.

So what’s so special about this bakwan i’m holding compare to the ones that can be found almost everywhere?


They’re made with love, by the helper. :)


I like devouring them piping hot (read : crispy, at the edges!).

  2 Responses to “[Indonesia] : Bakwan”

  1. bakwan is love, thats all i can say. i’m always amazed when ppl are good at deepfrying coz its always a disaster whenever i do it. either the oil not hot enough or i get scalded. its such a phobia that i end up baking the frozen stuff like nuggets & fish fingers. not a bad thing tho’, can be rather healthy :p

    the other time i only had one pathetic piece of bakwan when i went over to yr place. next time, i’m going to fast for the 3 previous days so i can have lots & lots of bakwan!!! haha.

  2. I suck at deep frying too. Helper is excellent at it!

    YES! Fast then come and indulge. 1 is definitely not enough.. no satisfaction at all! LOL.

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