Apr 162010

I remember when i was little, having clams at home was a treat!

Mommy didn’t cook it that often and when she does, we’d polish them off within seconds! Of course, my mommy’s cooking is really something that we can shout about. She is very good at it!

When i was in the wet market few days ago buying red snapper’s fillet, the aunty recommended me the clams. According to her, i’d not regret it. Importantly, i don’ have any idea how to cook them mind you! –

You kn ones on that particular day. So, a kg it was! — not that i have any idea how to cook them mind you! –

You know why??

Because i’ve got my mommy to turn to! :P

All i need to do is punch the 10+ numbers and confirm i’ll get a very good and reliable recipe one. :PP

1. Soak and wash your clams throughly, to get rid of the sand.

2. Boil them in boiling water (as above). Once the clams open up (as below), scoop it up at once. — i monitor each and everyone of them. whenever one opens up, i’ll dive for it.. for i like mine plump, fat and juicy.. i’m pretty you won’t want yours to be overcooked ;) –

3. Heat wok. Add oil. Saute the dried prawns till fragrant. Add in garlic and ginger till light brown.

4. Add curry leaves and stir fry till enough – your nose will tell ya!

5. Add clams and dark soya sauce. Just before it’s done, add oyster sauce.

For those with small children, you may wanna scoop some up for them at this stage before you add in chili padi.

6. Serve HOT.

p.s : if it’s too dry, do add 2-3 tbsp of the used boiling water above. otherwise, oil is good.. more tzi char style, oily!

Ingredients (agaration) :

1 kg clams

3 – 5 tbsp olive oil

a handful of dried prawns, soaked and minced

1 1/2 tbsp garlic

1 tbsp ginger

a handful of washed curry leaves

2-3 tbsp dark soya sauce

2-3 tbsp oyster sauce (to taste)

3 chili padi, chopped

And this is what you’ll get………..

Shell licking good Kam Heong La La!


p.s : it was dinner… again, pardon the pictures!

p.p.s : oh, totally forgot about the soup!

: Lotus root soup with peanuts, goji berries and red dates using pork ribs chicken breast bone for soup base.

Total cooking hours : 3

  9 Responses to “How to Kam Heong La La (clams)”

  1. delicious! i almost wanted to ask u for the recipe on twitter that day. btw this kind of clams where to find? normally i see the kind used for making pasta/clam chower, the ones with the rounder shells, that one called clams, this one too?

    btw i’m still waiting for my ngoh hiang recipe!!!

  2. Oohh… I love clams! And your lotus root soup … looks too good. I want some!!

  3. oops, didn’t read properly. u got them from the wet market, but i don’t recall seeing these at mine.

  4. evan : Yeah! guess there are a few types of clams.. this one is definitely the winner. I don’t even hafta wash it twice! Very clean! uh huh.. i don’t see these often in wet market too. Perhaps it’s seasonal.

    Ooopsss, ngo hiang.. YES mam!

    rene : thank you!! it’s really rather easy to cook the soup. just chuck everything in and let it boil ;)

  5. Im drooling just by looking at them but cooking them… ermmm wait till i hv family ;p I think i just live next to u better ;p

  6. omg, the lala looks so good. I miss eating them!!!

  7. Thanks for posting recipe! Looks soo wonderfully yummy! Next time you cook, i go to your house eat..easier that way..hahaha..;) You go wet market every day huh? BTW, your new blog design, with my bad eyesight, took me quite a while to find where to post comments leh….

  8. Liv : HAhahahaa.. comeeeee!

    Yasmeen : kinda hard to get fresh seafood at your side aye? Come visit and i’ll cook it for ya babe ;)

    faithy : pleasure! grin. no probreeemm.. come anytime! :P Nah.. i don’t go to wet market daily. Just once a week! OH. black is usually like that but importantly, u found it in the end! So, not such a bad eye sight afterall.*wink*

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