Apr 232010

I’ve never dreamt of cooking my own ramen at home.

Too much work!

Moreover, there are just some dishes which i prefer not to know how to cook… otherwise, it takes away the fun whenever we dine out. Mostly because i’ll start calculating the cost etc and think how not worthy it is. Yes, i do do that sometimes.. especially for breakfast at nice breakfast places. Freaking rip off!

But then, when you start to factor in the rent, wages, cost of this and that, well.. i’d usually just shut the mind up.

So yeah, ramen is one of those food which i prefer not to know. But ermm.. i do now. Grrrr!

But the good thing is, i wont be cooking this again until i get hold of some really good fresh ramen. Dried ones just won’t do, unfortunately.

So, why did i cook it?

It was because of a friend.

A friend of many years, who happened to own a noodle-making-business in KL.

He saw a couple of my food photos on FB and asked if he could send me a few of his newly launched products, hoping that i can cook and produced some nice photos for him in exchange. Sadly, the ramen was dinner.

As my regulars would know, dinner simply means absolutely terrible, horrible lighting!

And obviously, no styling too!


Terrible pictures :(

I think i must re-do all over again one of these days, making ramen lunch / tea-time snack instead of dinner.

Without Darcy at home to help out with the chopsticks+noodle-skill, it simply spelled m-e-s-s-y! The helper’s chopstick skill really cannot make it (cmi) ah! — ahem, actually.. my skill is more or less the same as my helper as well :P –

While the soup was really quite something, it wasn’t kombu dashi.

I used chicken. A roasted one to be exact.

It was slow-cooked for more than 4 hours together with some cut root vegetables.

Then, there was pork belly.

- Which was braised for more than an hour for the melt-in-the-mouth-texture.

As for the eggs, runny yolks yes.. but not flavoured. I don’t know how to! Maybe i should do more reading after this to find out aye? ^.^

The rest of the ingredients are very much bearable. Just some bean sprouts and chopped onion. Easy peasy. Oh, and seaweed!

How could i forget about seaweed! Duh.


Something that i deem a-must in my ramen. I can do without the spring onion and taugeh, but no seaweed? CANNOT!

On a different note, there’s this particular gf (actually there are quite many of them :)) who has a knack in buying the best pressies ever! Few years back, she got me this ever-so-practical microplane zester which i still find so very useful till today. Then last week, she got me this lovely… very lovely sakura-inspired tea towel (above) from her recent trip to Japan -- just because she thought of me! being a non-birthday pressie means, more pressie from the gf later on! *greeeeedy look :P* – , on top of a cutesy love charms for all of us!

I er, almost tear lorrr.. hahaha. Actually, i am like that whenever friends spring me surprises. I am one who get touched quite easily. A lot of times, i’ll act rather cool, best for masking.. Ha! And then, there are times..  (like this one time)..  when i couldn’t contain my excitement and i squealed out loud!!

So very embarrassing now that i think of it, y’know *hide*


It’s awesome to have a handful of good friends, isn’t it? But pity them though. Because the more they know me, the more me i become! Hahahahaa.. The truth is, I am a weeeeee bit eccentric and has the weirdest strange of humor and loves cracking the oddest joke ever!!

Poor girlies for putting up with me :P

  2 Responses to “Shoyu Ramen”

  1. *hands-up* i know i know how to get runny yolk…lol! i know how to do cos i always get it this way..even when i don’t want it..hahaha..but now i like it like that.. From what i supposedly have done wrong or was it correct..just don’t over boil the egg and best is the egg straight from the fridge..

  2. My fridge too full! Forever full. grr.

    But my method is to put the eggs into the boiling water for 4-5 mins and runny yolks i’d have!

    Heee.. i loveeee runny yolks too!

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