May 032010

I’m ashamed of myself!

Seriously i do!

It was mil’s birthday and i can’t believe i didn’t make plans for her birthday cake… just birthday dinner i did. Then at the very last 2 hours, i just anyhow put together whatever i can find at home to make mil a not-so-decent-birthday-cake :S

Oh dear.

I am so very terrible!

ahem. the cream was planned this way.. messy, due to the lemon zest in it. it wasn’t meant to be smoothen out neatly ~

Thankfully there were plenty of lemon at home, thanks to Darcy’s latest lemon + honey drink craze. Heh.

And mil loves lemon cake!

So of course, a lemon yogurt cake i bake!

Slapped with (more) lemon buttercream, it was lemons night alright :P

Terrible decoration.. but i couldn’t possibly leave it plain just like that, right? It’d be worst than no-ugly-deco! :P

And aiyo, the boys and helper actually ate up the grapes which i was supposed to use whilst decorating! A mad dash to the nearest supermarket was useless. There weren’t any strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, grapes, etc on the shelves!!!!

What a dreadful coincidence…… Hence, i had no other choice but to just use whatever grapes i was left with to finish up with the decoration.


Poor mil.


Terrible DIL -> me!

  2 Responses to “Anyhow Lemony Lemon!”

  1. I think it looks great! Considering how quickly you put this all together. Looks delicious to me :)

  2. Heeeeeeee… thank gawd for the grapes, otherwise i wouldn’t know how to decorate it already! :D

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