May 132010

Mothers should know that lunch is one very bothersome meal of the day.

Apart from breakfast and dinner, we gotta think of what to cook for lunch as well! A lot of times, we have noodles, fried, stewed or with soup. Other times, it’d be rice with dishes (again) or at times, fried rice, if we have leftovers.

In short, lunch is really ma fan!

To make lunch more fan fun, i sometimes prepare the simplest but well-loved lunch for the boys – sushi. Usually i do this when i have nori on the pantry or very-ripe-avocados which i don’t feel like guacamole it anymore. :P

I normally don’t go out to buy specific ingredients for my impromptu sushi making. I just make do whatever i have at home. Fine, cucumber doesn’t count. I do ask my helper buy them specifically. But other than that.. no more!

Even fish floss* can be used you know… ;)

*left and right side sushi – fish floss + cucumber + avocado

  4 Responses to “Quick Lunch – Sushi”

  1. Such beautiful that wooden sushi plate some more! Love your photo! Very well taken! You’re not just a good mom and a good cook but also a good cameraman(or shall i say camerawoman) too?

  2. Heh. Frankly, i’ve been spending quite a bit of props!! Mainly from Daiso though (reluctant to spend more!) .. My pantry is bursting with stuff! :P

  3. Sushi is perfect for the summer!

  4. Summer’s all year long in Singapore!

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