May 162010

My current obsession : yogurt.

I make bread with yogurt, i make drinks with yogurt, i cook curry with yogurt and i  have been making froyo with yogurt (duh :P)!

Lately the weather has been crazy. Hot, rain, hot, rain, hot, rain.


Don’t even get me started on the humidity!

So i decided a few cups of strawberry lassi in the middle of a very hot afternoon would do everyone a favour and boy, it sure did.

Beep is one very cheeky monkey.. At times, he can be worst than didi but not in a bad way (not that didi is bad or anything like that) because i always end up laughing at the antics he pulls!

…. just like the test shot above.

Imagine my surprise when the baby did that! I can’t help but laughed out loud after the head with the tongue stuck out appeared out of nowhere just when i clicked. Grin.

Then i tried again, instructing beep specifically not to stick his head and tongue out… Well, head and tongue i did not get.

But guess what i got instead? ^.^












Then i tried again.

This time, i said .. no beep (all parts) in the photo anymore (!) and if he were to kacau me again, out of the balcony he goes.

And guess what?








It worked! :D


But er, not always though.. especially if didi is around!

Strawberry Lassi

250g plain yogurt

4-5 tbsp strawberry puree (otherwise, use 8-9 or more strawberries)

2-3 tsp of fresh milk

1-2 tsp of sugar or honey *i skipped this*


Blend everything together for a minute or 2 or less, based on what you like.

Serves 2-4, very much depending on the cups’ size.


Beep was kind enough to let me take another few shots, different angle altogether.. just for fun :)

  4 Responses to “Strawberry Lassi”

  1. I really like the photo where Beep stuck his head and tongue out. He is very cute. I bet he couldn’t wait to gobble up the lassi and the strawberries when you were done with the photos..:) I like kids with a healthy appetite!

  2. Thank you!

    Hahaa.. he really likes strawberries that’s why!

  3. All of these photos are awesome, but I have to say – the first is my favorite. What a cutie :)

    I wish my little brother was as interested in photography as Beep seems to be!

  4. Thank you, Kaitlin!

    Heh.. perhaps you can tempt him with little treats for some eg : M&Ms on cupcakes! No children can resist that! He’d follow you like you’re the Pied Piper! :P

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