May 192010

It didn’t matter that it was just a pack of instant noodle.

What matters most is this bowl of Kimchi Instant Noodle was prepared and cooked lovingly by Darcy who can’t cook for nuts — but aheeemm, he can yak yak yak alot, giving endless instuctions and opinions even when i didn’t ask for them while i cook, y’know! grrr — to save his own life or the children’s!

Perfect with the kimchi which i’ve been saving since 2 weeks ago!

p.s : i’m a convert. i’m now a korean food lover!

  2 Responses to “Mother’s Day Dinner”

  1. Kimchi ramen is my fave! hahahaha… looks good!

  2. but but.. this one tasted like maggi mee curry flavour! LOL!

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