Jun 052010

Let you in on something very embarrassing oki??

I just found out that a kg of mussels costs less than $3!!! o.O

I never knew, you know… *hide*

When i saw the price tag on the mussels few weeks ago, i tiptoed as quickly as i could to make my purchase and drove away immediately.. just in case i kena called back for charging me incorrectly..  :PppPP

Then i sms-ed a few friends to share my good news and realized i’ve been the silly one! How embarrassing, aiyohhh! All along… that’s the price for mussels! Hmmm… but, why are clams so expensive then?

[was told because mussels are easier to catch that's why.. mussels are picked from the beach!]

Apart from marinara, i thought of trying the mussels in white wine.. and i did.

The store bought incredible batard au levain with garlic butter complements the mussels beautifully.

I couldn’t stop eating!

Dip dip, eat. Dip dip eat.Dip dip, eat.

The whole process was effortless, but of course! I could practically sit there and eat the whole day. Hahaha! What sets mine apart from the restaurants’ is the chili padi. Having a twist of spiciness in this white wine dish is shiiookaroo!

You really must try it sometime soon too.. Again, it’s really very easy with very few ingredients! ;)

Mussels in White Wine

800g fresh mussels, washed, cleaned and scrubbed very thoroughly

250g white wine

1 small onion, diced

a handful of minced garlic

50g butter

1-2 chili padi, chopped

salt, to taste

1 tbsp olive oil

fresh cilantro/ parsley, to garnish

1. Stir fry the garlic and chopped onion in the hot oil, using a large skillet or wok.

2. Add white wine.

3. Add mussels to the garlic wine sauce, stir mussels to coat well, and cover to let mussels steam for about 5 minutes. Uncover, and stir mussels again. Repeat this process until the vast majority of your mussels are open. Any cooked mussels that do not open are bad, discard those.

4. Add in butter, stir till butter melts completely. Throw in chili padi, cilantro and stir a few times before serving.

Best eaten with a few good slices of crusty bread, toasted with garlic butter or butter preferably. YUMS!!


Note : i always get my batard from Sun Moulin, Isetan Scotts. in my humble opinion, they are the best in the country!

p.s : i’ve cooked this 3 times since my discovery ;)

  5 Responses to “[Dinner] Mussels in White Wine”

  1. The photo looks beautiful. I’ve never tried stir-frying with mussels before.. looks like I need to give it a shot! :)

  2. haha… I would probably be overjoyed at the price too… I just made a similar mistake – I told a fellow blogger that I don’t think we can get 蒜苗here…but I am actually the ignorant one – apparently that is so common here – a dead giveaway that I am no housewife and I don’t cook enough! Also you’ve just reminded me I still have a pack of mussels in my freezer…

  3. Yeah my freezer gets a bit too crowded at times, and I notice things that I completely have forgotten about lol.

    I really like your photo at your “About” section! Do you use Twitter by any chance? I’d like to receive more updates on your recipes! :0)

  4. LOL! Don’t worry..you’re not the only one..i also don’t know till now you mention it..LOL! I like clams better than mussels though..but looking at yours making me change my mind..

  5. Rice Palette : thank you and thank you :) I’m with you on the ‘crowded’ freezer. Mine is forever packed to the brim! Yes, i do have twitter.. add me! – twitter.com/maameemoomoo

    Shirley : i love 蒜苗! i always stir fry it with prawns.. err, i worst than u though.. coz i’m a housewife and yet still so clueless :P

    faithy : i like both.. but a bit more biased towards clams though. Hahaha.. esp kam heong la la.. i can eat everyday! mussels more ‘ang moh’.. ^_^

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