Jun 102010

Sometimes when i’m absolutely clueless what to cook for lunch, i’d whip this up for the boys.

It whets one’s appetite almost instantly..  just by the smell itself, mind you.. and we’ll be anticipating with excitement.  Grin.

It’s a hit with the little ones.

Do you know why?

The gravy!

The boys love love love the gravy with rice.

Same for me as well – copious amount of gravy + a bowl of rice.. lunch is served! :)

Because the husband is no fan of pork (except for pork trotter and belly) i don’t cook this for dinner. That makes this dish exclusive.. exclusively for the little ones and i, for gravy indulgence day.

(this photo is snapped just for fun, treating food as an artistic object )

** recipe will be included in a while. can’t find it.. hmph! *scratches head* it has to be somewhere under the mountains of recipes and cookbooks.. :X

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