Jun 112010

I got sick in the stomach watching this clip.

1st reaction, “eeeeeeeeeewwwww… brown water???!?!?!

2nd reaction, “ohhhhhh myyyy mommyyyy… no wonder it’s dubbed as washing machine!

I really hope i won’t chicken out last minute!!

I think it’s the age.. I can’t quite stomach what i’m seeing. Hahaha! Unlike my previous times at KKB, with video here and my first rafting, i was thrilled to bits then. The angrier the rapid, the happier we were. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said now.. for me that is.

The siao-on sisters are still the same!! In fact, they were the ones who persuaded me to sign on for it.. when i opted out and just wanna spend my time leisurely at the National Park. Man.. now i totally regretted for giving in to the sisters’ persuasion so readily! Aiyo.. what was i thinking??!?!

Now i can only hope my heart will not be hanging on my sleeves when the day comes and most importantly, no chicken out!

ps : i’m no fan in swimming out in the open these days. swimming pool? anytime, but sea and river with such rapids? No thank you!!

pps : to think that the boy’s swimming coach thought i was a school swimmer (seeing me swim in the pool) tickles me to bits. i wonder what reaction he’d have knowing my fear for open water!

  5 Responses to “Rafting at Washing Machine”

  1. LOL! The brown water part also was my first reaction..i was like eww…how can raft in the brown water..LOL! I’ve always been a swimming pool person..i dare not even swim in open seas..lol..ok..anyway..i don’t even go camping if that makes you feel any better..

  2. heheheeeeeeeeee… u’re the girly girl! and i’m a tom-my girl! :P

  3. Exhilerating leh! I can’t swim – not sure if they will still allow people who can’t swim to raft.

  4. Can!!

    Usually the guides will tell us, non-swimmers are better than swimmers. Because we tend to try to save ourselves, we usually get into bigger troubles. For non-swimmers, they’ll just float right up! We had a few non swimmers in our group as well :)

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