Jun 292010

One of the must eat when you’re in Kota Kinabalu is sang yuk meen (Cantonese), sheng rou mian (Mandarin) or if you must, raw meat noodle – direct translation.

The place to eat it?

Kam Heong Lei at Jalan Sinsuran.

They have 2 version – soup and dry.

Darcy, as usual.. ordered the soupy version and i, of course.. the dry version. As much as i wanted to order the soup version, i resisted. Come all the way and eat just 1 type?

It’d be a sin! :P

I love it!

As some of you experts can already tell, the soup was really quite something huh? One look and you’ll know! You can only get this sort of cloudy with almost not there tiny particles soup when it’s boiled for sometime with the real stuff.

The husband really digged it.

pssttt : i like to think of the soup as some magic water filled with calcium goodness :P

And here is the dry version of Sang Yuk Meen.

Very typical of Malaysia’s kon lou meen yeah?

Very black..

Very easy to slurrrrrrrrrpp.. which was exactly what i did. Slurrrpp all the way to my last bit ;)

I like!

As much as i love my own dry version, i prefer the husband’s. Even the soup, when it is not in the same bowl as the noodle, tasted different. Not so robust and flavourful anymore. A little more plainer but still good though.

So why the special name?

Sang yuk meen.

We concluded (uh huh.. just our assumptions) it was because the slices of meat were still raw just before serving. It was not cooked but instead, it was added to the very hot soup and was mixed and stirred thoroughly before bringing it to the customers.


Not really.

You see, the meat is sliced very very thinly. Meats like these usually get cooked really fast even if they are not cooked directly over the fire in a pot or wok. Because of the way it is cooked, the meat is extremely tender and its natural sweetness retains.

Truly work of art if you may. Yes, i know it’s not some Michelin starred restaurants etc but just a small coffee shop in a small town but to me, star or no star.. it doesn’t matter so long it is good!

Usually, the simplest food is always the hardest to master.

Oh, if you are really there.. don’t forget to order their kopi gao!

I, the non-coffee drinker, can tell that the coffee is really quite awesome. Must be in my genes even though i don’t do coffee.. I’m allergic to caffeine – how very ironic! LOL.

But the sisters.. they are totally an expert when it comes to nay and yay coffee. Just the smell itself they can tell already! (i reckon it is because we really grew up with the roast coffee bean smell since babies!)

Just in case you think other places in KK serve equally good kopi, then you’etty decent noodle, hop on to Kam Heong Lei for breakfast!

  2 Responses to “Sang Yuk Meen”

  1. You sure this is not your kopitiam, everything so good? ;) LOL! Just kidding!

    The dry version looks yummy! Looks like the Korean Za-Jiang-Mian like..cos i watched that korean show..Couples In Trouble (or something like that) and that lady whole day want to eat the za-jiang-mian…i also feel like eating too..but i can’t find them here though..

  2. Heeeeeee.. i wish i could say it’s my kopitiam!

    Hmmm.. za jiang mian? Sounds like the Chinese la mian with the spicy pork.. :P

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