Jul 142010

Edited to add : Beansprouts were part of the ingredients too!!

It was a last minute decision, when the parents gave a number of packets of fresh looking yong tau hoo to us for dinner.

Initially, i just wanted yong tau hoo soup with bee hoon.

But the sister and Darcy wanted something spicy.. like, chicken curry. Hmph! No advance notice, no cook… I need to gather the many ingredients required for chicken curry, you know!

Then, i thought of laksa yong tau hoo… Spicy and with yong tau hoo!


However, the duo wasn’t too optimistic. Grrrr! They were like, can or not you???

I retorted immediately, Tsk.. at most call Pizza lorrr…

Truth be told, be it laksa yong tau hoo or chicken curry, i still need to go for grocery shopping. But the thing is, i didn’t feel like chicken curry that night :P Importantly, i wanted to use up the yong tau hoo and not keep it till the next day.


As you can see above, my laksa turned out to be more than O.K. Heeeeeee!

Sheepishly, the pessimistic duo admitted that it tasted better than the ones sold outside. *grin*

Though i used instant paste — Yes! I do not make everything from scratch all the time.. sometimes, instant pastes can be just as good ;) — the soup was pretty impressive. I’m not sure if it was my lemongrass broth or the really power paste, but the thing is.. i really enjoy slurrrrping it!

It was quite spicy.

Laksa Yong Tau Hoo

For 4 – 5 pax

1 packet of Dancing Chef’s Laksa Paste

1 packet of Hai’s Laksa Paste

1 lemon grass

1.45L of water

Sufficient noodles (any noodle you fancy. i used a combi of bee hoon and yellow noodle)

Enough yong tau hoo for 4-5 pax (at least 3 pcs each, excluding fish ball)

200ml thick coconut milk (i prefer to use just 200ml, but you can add more as instructed)

200g beansprouts (to be added seconds before serving)

a dash or 2 of fish gravy (optional)

freshly chopped laksa leave – a MUST!

1. Boil water with squashed lemongrass for at least 15 minutes.

2. Mix both the paste in, and cook as instructed.


If you’re a laksa lover, give this a go..  It’s super easy and very scrumptious. You’ll not regret one bit!

ps : Darcy just requested for my laksa again today but guess what? I’m giving him chicken curry (gar lei kai) instead! *no pun intended* :P

pps : i personally feel this laksa leans more towards Malaysian side of curry laksa instead of the more diluted Singapore laksa.. Perhaps, cutting down on the coconut milk played the part?

  8 Responses to “[Dinner] Laksa Yong Tau Hoo”

  1. LOL! Looks Yummy. Now you post so quickly..faster than i can catch up with you..lol! I always use Dancing Chef’s laksa paste too! I think they are so far the best.. i haven’t tried others yet. If you find better ones, remember must tell me ok?

  2. I really want to be your neighbor!!!! Heeeee! Going to buy the laksa paste and get helper to cook some soon :D

  3. Wow…brilliant idea! I’m drooling at all the scrumptious looking pictures!

  4. This laksa looks like perfection! I wonder if we can get that brand of Laksa Paste here in Sydney?

  5. faithy : LOL! i’m too slow.. too many backdated entries actually. Some, i even skipped it altogether! Dancing Chef is pretty awesome isn’t it? My first trial with another paste also very positive! Aye! Will let you know for sure if i like others ;)

    Caro : Comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Let me know if you like it :)

    Alison : Thank youuuuu! :D

  6. John : Thanks :) Perhaps you can try at those mini marts in Chinatown? Or Malaysian/ Singaporean grocery store? Should have!

  7. your chicken curry noodle is many times better than this laksa lor. when r u going to cook it again? quick post it up and let your friends drool somemore. muahahaha

  8. sun : *hide* my skin very thin! no complimenting in public prrreeaaasseeee!!

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