Jul 222010

When i came across John‘s photos on the Slow Pork dish last week, i knew i’d be doomed.


Because I couldn’t get those droolicious photos outta my head!

But when i saw the list of ingredients used, i was rather disappointed. There’s no way i could find dried cured pork belly here!

Then John suggested lap cheong as substitute. Woo hoo.. Brilliant!

Cooking this meal ain’t no walk in the park, just as the author warned.

To quote John :

“This is not something you can easily whip up after work. Beans need overnight soaking and simmering and then a further 5 hours is needed for overall slow-cooking. The end result is rich and nourishing and very tasty, if I do say so myself!”

Indeed, a delicious cold-rainy-days-warming meal. Perfect for the monsoon-ish weather these days. :)

Y’know, lately, i got very curious with grains, beans and pulses. Yes, only lately!

I’ve been trying out dishes like dal and hummus, black eye peas and peanuts and soon, quinoas and whatnots. Hence, apart from the gorgeous photos, John’s entry had me at hello soya beans. :P

Soya beans!

I’ve never tried cooking dishes with soya beans before, well.. apart from using them as soup stock, i really have not seen them and eat them much in my everyday meal.

Anyway, to conclude.. i say, the effort is worth it.

I truly enjoy this very comforting porky-dish with its delicious gravy/soup. The flavour is rather quite bombastic. Grin. Dried chili, star anise, soya beans, lap cheong and peppercorns!

It was ‘Whoaaaa!’ :)

Recipe here.

Note for myself :

1. skip the salt.

2. i doubled the recipe so naturally, i added 2 star anise in. while i love star anise, the rest of the family find it pretty overwhelming. so 1 star anise for me next time despite doubling the recipe ;)

3. perhaps lap cheong isn’t the same as dried cured pork belly, so, 100g (for recipe x 2) of lap cheong would be just nice for me :)

4. i’d still use slow cooker to cook this, just as i did this time. i figure slow cooker would be a teeny bit more Green. :P

  6 Responses to “Slow Pork with Soya Beans & Star Anise”

  1. I’m really interested to see what the lap cheong would have brought to this dish rather than the dried pork belly that I used. I love your pot!

  2. And i’m curious to know how this dish fares with dried cured pork belly!

    psssttt : the pot was a free gift with purchase!

  3. You’ve got to love a free gift! The dried pork gave a smokey depth to the flavour and a touch of sweetness

  4. Grin. We’re on the same boat definitely, re : free gift!

  5. I saw this at food gawker… really pretty =D

  6. noobcook : thanks dear :)

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