Jul 282010

This meal wasn’t planned.

The light bulb just went “bzzzz” when i was half way cooking it.

Initially, i just wanted to prepare a lazy dinner for everyone – Slow cooked peanuts soup with pork belly and a bowl of piping hot rice. As i was stirring the soup during the final stage, a strange idea came about. ‘Risotto with this! ‘, screamed the small voice in the head.

Aaahh… why not??

And so i took out the heavy bottom saucepan and experiment i did.

The result?


The risotto turned out beautifully.

Not only it was pleasing to the eyes, it was palate-pleasing too!

I love how the slow cooked soup infused into the risotto in just minutes. I love how the fats and oil from the soup coat every grain of the Arborio rice. Umm… okie fine. I didn’t use Arborio rice. Heh. Instead, Sushi rice was used but but, they’re almost the same, no?? Y’know… short grain, fat looking and all… should pass, riiiight?

I also love how the chicken stock i used to slow cook blends so well with the pork. The end result was neither cheeky chicky or porky. Very nice!

I know it’s unsual to have black eye peas in the traditional peanut soup. But then, the traditional Chinese peanut soup uses pork  trotter and not pork belly! *smile* I’m one very rebellious person, am i not? I like breaking rules! So, since i was already breaking so many rules, why not another? Heeee.

So black eye peas it was… just because i felt like it. :P

Initially, the Chinese-fied risotto was meant for me only. The rest will have the soup with rice, as planned. But guess what? In the end, almost all of us had it the risotto-ed way, except…. the husband, the very strange and boring husband, who chosed to have it with…. *no price for guessing it correctly*

Well….  what else????




Oh well, as long as he’s happy… i’m all for it :)

Slow cooked Peanut Soup with Pork Belly

a small bowl of peanuts

300g pork belly, cut

1 litre of chicken stock

a handful of black eye peas *optional*

salt, to taste

1. using slow cooker, dump everything in except salt.

2. let it cook and simmer for at least 4 hours before adding salt. if u like your peanuts to be totally soft with no bite, soak it overnight.

3. add salt, to taste.

For Risotto

(good for 2 pax)

1 cup of Arborio rice, or if you don’t have Arborio rice, just use the Sushi rice ;)

spring onions, chopped, to garnish

1. wash rice and drain.

2. cook the rice with 2 bowls of the soup above using medium heat. Once it boils, turn down the fire to low and let it simmer for at least 5-10 minutes till the rice softens but not porridge-like (this is where you’re in full control over what kind of texture you prefer your risotto to be. so, adjust the timing accordingly)

3. garnish with chopped spring onions before serving

If time is a concern to you, you can cook this soup at night, store it in the fridge till the next day and when you’re back from work the next day, do it the risotto way!

Really easy (!!!) and importantly, most of the work is done by slow cooker… :)

  10 Responses to “Chinese-fied Risotto”

  1. Genious! I love the sound of this risotto! It’s right up my alley!

  2. Very nice! Love risotto and Chinese soups, great idea to fuse them!

  3. Yum.. pork belly!!
    I’m having a giveaway at my food blog, check it out here http://atasteofkoko.blogspot.com/2010/07/ximending-giveaway.html

  4. So interesting & a little funny you should write up this recipe – just the other night I made an amazing duck risotto & I heard the same little voice telling me to put a dash of Hoisin sauce & oyster sauce into the mix. I felt like I was committing some cultural crime until my taste buds assured me I’d hit on a new note :) But you’ve taken this cultural mish mash to a whole new level, well done! Cheers Anna

  5. Hey Cherie, this risotto is beautiful. I love East meets West type dishes like this, and your photos make me love it even more. Really nice. I did like the idea of the hot piping soup with rice on the side too though (smile). Yum.

  6. John + pigpigscorner : thank you! i’d definitely cook this again and again :)

    Anna : grin. sometimes, all we need to do is just break some rules and a whole new world just opens up and i’m all for it, esp when it comes to food & eating! :P

    Stella : hot piping soup with rice on the side will never go wrong and will always be my number 1 favourite :D

  7. How absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Jane : so sorry! just saw your comment now.. checking your blog now ;)

    Irada : thank you!

  9. Noodles again!! LOL! Wow..what a nice fusion..and looks interesting too!

  10. faithy : hahahaha! yeah lorrr… so ‘interesting’ right?? :P

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