Aug 102010

I have been wanting to try my hands on chocolate truffle for the longest, longest time but never get around to do it until last Friday.

The first thing that came to mind was, “Dang! No wonder cafes and nice shops have them in either square or rectangle” because really, shaping these babies with hands (i had plastics on both hands) were quite a nightmare in this heat of ours (again!).

Seriously, next time, i’ll just pour the chocolate into a square pan, freeze and slice accordingly whenever it’s ready!

No more shaping the truffles with hands. I reckon i lost about 1-2 truffles to the plastics! >.<

Chocolate Truffles by Bill Granger

makes 18 (i only got 13)

200g dark chocolate

125ml cream

2 tbsp rum (optional)

cocoa powder, sifted for coating

1. Line tray with plastic or baking paper

2. Heat cream to boil then pour into chocolate. Mix. Add rum.

3. Set aside to cool then refrigerate for 30 mins (i needed at least 4 hours for mine).

4. When mixture is set, dust hands with icing sugar to prevent sticking then roll the mixture into small balls. (i couldn’t do this because if i did, instead of 13 truffles, i’d probably end up with only 6!!)

5. Immediatel roll the truffles in cocoa powder and place them on tray. Refrigerate for another 30 minutes.

  9 Responses to “Chocolate Truffle”

  1. looks yummy!!! chocolate truffles my fave!

  2. Yummy truffles u have got there :P I also want :D

  3. Chanced upon your beautiful blog, love the clicks and enjoy reading your posts.
    i have 3 boys too, kind of funny when you describe them as terrorists, can’t help but agree to the description as mine fit in too :)

    Yet to explore making truffles, after looking at yours, i shall give it a go. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely and simple! Perfect, especially without the hand shaping action!

  5. Ooooh rum truffles, very nice. I bet they didn’t last very long

  6. faithy + umasou + anh : thank you!

    jessie : most times they are! Hahhahaa… but sometimes, they’re really awesome :) do give this a try.. if your boys are anything like mine, the chocs will be gone before u could say, ‘come & eat!’

    john : u betcha! ;)

  7. Hi Cherie,

    I can understand how you feel since I made truffles quite recently. These truffles look good (rustic and made at home look) and I am sure they taste good too (I love that they are rum flavoured). I used a melon baller to scoop out roughly shaped balls of ganache before using plastic gloves to help shape the truffles into balls. The effect is not bad.

    Here are pics of my ganache balls. The method I used to shaped is stated in the instructions below:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad to find another fellow local food blogger.

    Cheers and happy baking/cooking =]

  8. Goodness, this is so mouth-watering! At the wrong time though… it’s midnight and there’s no where I can get truffles right now :S

  9. bakertan : thanks for the link! just checked it out.. beautiful! and they did look like mooncake ;)

    mayz : hahahahaaa.. oh dear.. i’m terribly sorry. i know exactly how u feel. i always feel this way too, whenever i read food magz/ books/ blogs late at night :P

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