Aug 122010

I’ve been wanting to make Mont Blanc for the longest time! – err, i do say this a lot huh?

But really.. Mont Blanc has been on my to-do-list for like more than a year, ever since i first ate it at Canelé. It was love at first mouth ;)

Not too long after that, i saw it at Aran‘s lovely blog. A recipe! Oh my.. what a coincident! However, getting chestnut puree wasn’t so easy at that time. Hmph! The funny thing is, i’ve never thought of making my very own chestnut puree… and even now, i still don’t (read : lazy!).

Sometime last week, a trip to Sun Lik changed it all.

They have chestnut puree all over the shop! Well, umm.. not quite all over but these lovely cans of puree were placed right at the front door… as though it was a sign, a sign for me to make Mont Blanc after all these years! I knew then, i gotta grab it no matter what… Whether i’ll bake it in the end is another story all together :P

Why, of course i would bake it!

For $25  (45oz of chestnut puree), i definitely will! I refuse to throw away my $$ like that, y’know ;)

Not only i baked 1 or 2, i actually double up the portion and made tons! There were 12 giant Mont Blanc and a 5″ x 9″ cake too! I was too greedy. In the end, i gave away more than 8 Mont Blanc to friends and family. But the cake, i kept… because i love that version better! ^_^

a very messy cross-section which did not intend for photography but can lah!

Having eaten and read many different version of Mont Blanc, i decided to make one that i think i’d fancy most. Because there were no such recipe for the version i wanted, i came up with my own.. well, almost. A little tweak here and there, slight adaption from up and down, well… this, is mine :)

Mont Blanc
chestnut cream and puree adapted from norecipe

for Genoise sponge cake
5 large eggs
140g caster sugar
150g top flour
1 tsp vanilla essence
120g butter, melted – slightly warm

note to self : good for a whole grey pan.

for chestnut puree
15 oz. can of pureed chestnut
1/2 C cream
1/2 C sugar
1 large egg yolk
1 vanilla bean

for chestnut cream
1 C heavy cream
3 Tbs powdered sugar
1/3 C chestnut puree

make the Genoise sponge cake

Combine the eggs, sugar and vanilla and whisk at the highest speed till soft peaks. Use a light scrapper and very lightly but quickly fold in the flour. Add in the butter and quickly fold in to incorporate well. Pour into the lined pan and bake till golden brown. When cake is done, invert on a cooling rack and remove lining.

make the chestnut puree
Slice the vanilla bean in half length wise and scrape the seeds into a small saucepan. Add the cream, sugar and whisk in the yolk. Heat over low heat,the pan off the heat and allow the vanilla bean to steep while the mixture cools.

When the mixture is cool, put it in a food processor along with the pureed chestnuts. Blitz until smooth and creamy. Put a spoonful of chestnut puree in the double mesh strainer over a bowl=”mont blanc” src=” and press through using a spatula. Strain the rest of the chestnut puree, cover and set aside.

make the chestnut cream
In the clean dry bowl of an electric mixer, add 1 C of heavy cream. Using the whisk attachment, beat until the cream holds soft peaks. Add the sugar and beat until the sugar is incorporated. Add 1/3 C of the strained chestnut puree and mix until the cream holds firm peaks being careful not to over mix.

to assemble

cut out the sponge to size and shape you fancy. using a round tip, pipe out a blob of cream and add the chestnut in. cover chestnut with more chestnut cream.

using the spaghetti tip, pipe the chestnut puree round and round till a dome shape is achieved.

ps : to make candied chestnut, peel, wash and cook till soft. then boil it again in syrup for at least 15 minutes.


I dislike a base that is too thick or dry. I’ve tried Aran’s Sable Breton and i found it a little too drying for my liking hence Genoise Sponge Cake for my base. However, because i didn’t have a proper recipe, the Genoise Sponge cake i baked turned out too thin!

I should have poured the whole batter into 1 pan instead of dividing it between 2 pans. :(

Nevertheless, had i not made this fatal mistake of mine, i wouldn’t be able to come up with this cake version (anyhow, just to use up all the leftover cakes, chestnut puree and chestnut cream), which i prefer much better as mentioned earlier. :D

Note to self :

1. pipe more cream. be a little stingy on the puree… because strangely, the cream turned out to be everyone’s fav (myself included)!

2. do not forget to add 1-2 tbsp rum to chestnut puree. i think this will make a difference :)

3. do brush some rum syrup onto the genoise before piping anything on it, for extra ooomphh!

4. again, the genoise portion above is meant for 1 pan only. not 2!

5. ratio -  genoise (1) : puree (1.5-2) : cream (1)

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  1. wow, nice. I’m drooling already :P

  2. Looks yummy!! Can i have a piece? Btw, that chestnut puree in sunlik comes in a smaller can in the supermarket. :)

  3. I have been wanting to bake this since 2007!!! Great procrastinator I am. I have perused Marc’s recipe for this time and again, and still, no Mont Blanc! LOL. Yours look amazing!!!

  4. Wow that looks incredible, nice job! Just like the ones they serve at bakeries in Japan. I like that you put a whole chestnut in each one:-)

  5. This is gorgeous! Love the idea of a genoise base too ;) mont blanc’s been on my to do list for ages too but that huge can of chestnut purée is a little too ex to justify the experiment at this point….haha. Glad your family loves your version! Look forward to seeing more delicious cakes from you ;)

  6. The first photo – I thought they are soba noodles! Oops.

    It is a beautiful dessert.

  7. Wow! This is so regal looking. It makes any day a special occasion, when you can have something this gorgeous set in front of you. Great job on the mont blancs.

  8. Oh YUM! Mont Blancs have been (and still are) on my to-make list since forever as well. I will make it one day! So thank you very much for sharing your tips cos I’ll definitely be coming back to them when I try my hand at them. And your MBs look absolutely scrumptious- i like that cross section pic too!

  9. umasou : thank you!

    faithy : hahaa.. of course! anytime for you, faithy ;) Supermarket? smaller can? WHERE?!?!?!

    ju : grin. must hi5 u already – procrastinator gang. :P

    marc : thank you! i think the whole chestnut in it is the highlight for me. i love chestnut! :)

    allison : they do have so small cans too! i actually looked around and saw a 15oz’s selling at Cold Storage for almost $10!

    tigerfish : heeee.. it does look like soba, doesn’t it?? the colour, the shape… you’re not alone! *wink*

    carolyn : *smile* thanks! gonna try baking this again but with other ingredients!

  10. honey : hahahahhaaa… we’ve many procrastinator here :P well, it’s time to put the foot down and bake! let me know if u have any other questions. will try my best to help :)

  11. Wunderbar! i could eat my screen seeing your pictures…

  12. Mont blanc! I used to eat these all the time when I lived in Japan but even though I have no problem getting marrons here, I could never find a recipe I liked – they were all not the same as I’d imagined but this looks like just the ticket! Now to satisfy my craving!

  13. I can’t help but falling in love with your photography. I don’t think I have ever had mont blanc…yours looks just like a masterpiece with all that piped spaghetti-like chestnut. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


  14. Nina : hahaha! bake it soon!

    Sasa : *smile* let me know how yours turns out!

    Angie : the pleasure is all mine and thank you! :)

  15. I MUST try to make this. Thank you for posting the recipe on your blog!

  16. Wow, you have absolutely stunning pictures here! Thumbs up!

  17. Hi, it seems that you are going to break the record for their heights. Is that a recycled can? Clever.

  18. Love this cake version! You’re so creative. And I love the messy cross-section shot as well :D

  19. old cow : yes, MUST try! :)

    cooking gallery : thank you!

    tastehongkong : a recycled can indeed, for i’ve no round molds to cut out my sponge cake. heee! aaahh.. u noticed their height! they were indeed quite tall if u were to compare them to store-bought ones. i was probably too ‘kiasu’!

    ovenhaven : aww… u’re too nice, sweetie :)

  20. aww so pretty!! It’s been on my list for like forever too!

  21. This looks fantastic and I am looking forward to your petai post!

  22. I love mont blanc! Yours look really nice! Very well done.

  23. pigpigscorner : thank you! and my list goes on and on and on…

    3hungrytummies : *smile* submitted to Shaz!

    ellie : thank you :)

  24. Like you, I’ve been dying to make mont blanc except I’ve never even tasted it before! But knowing my own love for all things chestnut, I think it’s safe to assume I’d adore these pretty cakes.

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