Aug 182010

I know not many people like this stinky beans but i really really do!

On days i cook this dish, this is all i ever need to go with my 2 bowls of rice – i don’t normally do 2 bowls but with petai, it’s an absolute exception!

Coming from Malaysia, my family and most friends i know dig this very much. Sadly, no one shares this love of mine in Singapore, except my ever-so-reliable helper — it’s not called stinky beans for nothing sadly :( — Without her around in a couple of years time down the road, i’ll probably not cook this again. It’s really no fun to eat alone no matter how much i love the food :(

Sambal Petai with Fried Ikan Bilis

To blend :

4 cloves of garlic
4-5 shallots
4-6 dry chili
2 buah keras

1. Blend the above

To cook :

1 big onion (i usually julien it)
1 packet of petai
1 tub of cili boh (chili paste)
14 big prawns
2-3 tsp belacan
1 tbsp sugar
1-2 tbsp of asam water (tamarind juice)
a handful of ikan bilis – deep fried

Method :

1. brown the blended paste in hot oil
2. stir in onion and saute
3. add chili boh + belacan
4. add petai
5. add prawns
6. add sugar
7. add tamarind juice. (testing time. at this point of time, if i find the dish is lacking of anything, i’d add them.)
8. when all are good, turn off fire.
9. add ikan bilis just before serving, ideally 5-10 mins after turning off fire to prevent ikan bilis from being soggy and not crunchy anymore.


Submitting this to Muhibbah Malaysian Monday, hosted by 3 Hungry Tummies and Test with Skewer.

  18 Responses to “Sambal Petai with Fried Ikan Bilis and Prawns”

  1. I don’t think I have tried these “stinky beans” before though they are so famous! Don’t worry about the rice – you are having the healthier rice version…:D

  2. tigerfish : lol!! yeah.. that sorta ‘comfort’ me a little… but it’s ok, it’s PETAI! u must give it a try one of these days ;)

  3. I’ve tried petai only once before at an Infonesian restaurant hete in Sydney. I’ve since seen them for sale in certain shops. Not a huge fan of the flavour. This dish looks so beautiful!

  4. I know mom use to cook the beans all the time, not with fried rice but the indonesian kind of way…..cos it is suppose to clear your she said..and make us all eat it. :( And i didn’t really like it..LOL!

  5. not indonesian..sorry..i think more the nonya style..LOL!

  6. john : yeah, they stink quite a bit. Worst is when u visit the loo for 1-2 days thereafter!!! haha!

    faithy : alamak! cannot invite u over for this when i cook it next already :P oh, that’s not fried rice sweetie, it’s my brown rice ;)

  7. This is a completely new and intriguing dish for me. Sounds like a fully aromatic and flavourful Malaysian culinary treat.
    Shall I trade my salad for a portion of this yummy-looking dish? :-))

  8. darn! what an appetizing dish but i never know how to eat petai. my kakak made superb petai belacan and last year when i was home, she cooked for me and i just couldn’t swallow it, what a shame! when she tells her sister-in-laws she is going to cook petai, they will dash to her house and it became petai party haha… delicious photography though :)

  9. Thanks for joining us with a Muhibbah Monday post :) My mum LOVES petai but I have to admit the smell gives me a bit of a headache :( Great looking dish though.

  10. angie : u totally should! grin. just like how all of us should try smelly taufoo and pungent-smell durian, petai is also a must-try!

    nina : not many people love this i must say.. haha! petai party?!?! now now… that’s my kinda partaaay!! psstt : i used to dislike this when i was little and i’ve no idea when i started liking this so much :P

    shaz: thank you! i’ve another dish lining up for next week already. heh!

  11. Your post is making me miss petai even more..might have to just get an ayam brand canned petai lol
    Thanks for joining our event with this beautiful dish.

  12. I remember petai as the mysteriously stinky vege that would set my mother’s side of the family into gleeful excitement, watching my nenek and aunts happily lapping sambal petai away. All I could figure out was that it’s an acquired taste, since my dad didn’t touch it with a five-foot pole. Being the unadventurous and no-vege kid I was, I chose his side, and still stayed with it till this day. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be brave enough to try it next time :P

  13. sambal is my weakness! seeing your rice topped with sambal made me feel weak from hunger hehe My mum love to cook this “stinky beans” with heibihiam last time and I refused to touch it. Now I’m a bit more adventurous in trying food and I actually feel like trying!

  14. Same with Wiffy, sambal is my weakness. Never goes wrong to mix with petai and ikan teri!

  15. 3hungrytummies : hahhaaa! now i feel awful.. but petai in can, boleh lah!

    ovenhaven + noobcook : yes please… do try it soon! it’s very sedap actually ;)

    pepy : when i was climbing Mt Rinjani few years back, the only thing that kept me going was meal time, because of the sambal my guide + porters prepared. simply the best!!

  16. I love petai too, just had them some time ago and hubby wasn’t very happy, haha ;). Especially love them with prawns with sambal and nasi goreng, yum yum yum…!!

  17. Oh, I didn’t know that you’re from Malaysia too! Yeah, I think probably only Malaysians like petai, I’ve not come across anyone in SG that likes this stinky beans. I’m a petai fan and your dish looks so yummy!

  18. cooking gallery : hahahahaaa! tell me about it.. same goes for mine as well! :Pp

    piggy : ahhh.. yes i am! from KL! :D

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