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I wanted to make macarons from the many egg whites that have been sitting in the fridge for a while but strangely, i wasn’t in the mood to eat something so girlie and dainty at that particular moment when i was gonna bake. Yes, macarons are girlie and dainty in my opinion and to eat it, i needed to be in that proper English tea mood – i is eccentric like that! :P

So instead, i baked something more rugged looking. Something that i didn’t have to be very careful when i handle it. Something i can be very rough with….

So dacquoise it is!

Moreover, i’ve been wondering for the longest time what IS the difference between macarons and dacquoise, so found out i did :)

So what’s so different about dacquoise?

For a start, they have no skin. So, they’re not crisp on the outside but of course, if you were to eat it when they’re just outta oven, then it’s slightly crisp but well, not the same crisp that macaron’s shell gives though. What’s more fascinating is, when they’re kept overnight, they become 2 different thing altogether!

Just 1 night in the fridge, they’re financier-like even though dacquoise contains no browned butter.

Another very obvious difference is, they’ve got more bite. I can many macarons at 1 go (macarons are almost like chiffon, you know, rather airy) but with dacquoise, the most i can polish off is only 4-6 pieces. I cannot do more than that. Heh. Dacquoise is very much cake-like but minus getting the fat part — what a welcoming fact!!– which i really dig. Of course, having buttercream sandwiched in between is another story altogether ah! Heeeeee!

All in all, i enjoy dacquoise very much.

It tastes really awesome with buttercream. Without buttercream, there’s no life to it. Therefore, expanding the waist or not, buttercream is a must and no other substitutes! (i tried replacing it with chestnut puree but it just doesn’t work)

And oh, the fact that it isn’t as sweet as macarons rocks my boat even harder. I don’t have to worry so much about my sugar intake for the day with these little not-so-wicked-morsels ;)

Green Tea Dacquiose
from okashi, keiko ishida

biscuit dacquoise

ground almonds, 180g
icing sugar 80g – i used 70
green tea powder 10g
castor sugar 40g – i used 35g
egg white powder 2g
egg whites 200g

green tea cream

unsalted butter 100g – i used 80g
egg whites 35g – i used 30
icing sugar 35g – i anyhow, to taste
green tea powder 5g

1. Preheat oven to 180c. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Sift ground almonds, icing sugar and green tea powder with a corase sieve twice. Set aside.

2. Make a meringue. Combine castor sugar and egg white powder. Beat egg whites until foamy. Add sugar and egg white powder mixture and beat until egg whites are glossy, with stiff peaks.

3. Add sifted almond, sugar and green tea powder mixture to the meringue and fold in gently to make the dacquoise batter.

4. Transfer batter into a piping bag. Pipe out small disc onto parchment paper. Dust with icing sugar (i skipped this) and bake for 15-20 mins until dacquoise rises up completely and surface becomes dry.

5. Make green tea cream. Beat butter until pale and creamy. Using another clean bowl, beat egg whites until foamy. Add half the sugar and continue beating. When egg whites have some volume, add remaining sugar and continue to beat until egg whites are glossy and in stiff peaks form. Add meringue to butter and mix thoroughly. Add green tea powder.

6. Dacquoise can be kept for up to 3 days.


17 Responses to “Green Tea Dacquoise”

  1. It will be great to have some of the wonderful dacquoise for my daily afternoon tea ;)

  2. oh man! i can’t find green tea powder here :( but the dacquoise does look temptinglicious to make!

  3. 3hungrytummies : aaahh, yes. perfecto with a cuppa ;)

    nina : oh man! seems like Germany doesn’t have many things! even chinatown huh?

  4. Lovely Dacquoise! I have only made this once, quite long ago with a rum and raisin butter cream. I probably should give this a go…..

  5. I never had green tea dacquoise…they are such a beauty with that vibrant enchanting green. I am entirely tempted.
    p.s : The forum of my recipe site is just log-in/registration functional, (which was not my intention, but after all my contents and pictures were stolen and reproduced…well, you got the idea.), so after log-in, you might have to click the site title, which shall redirect you to the main page to check all my recipes. I haven’t figured out how to do the automatic redirection after log-in…:-(

    I wish you a flavourful and peaceful weekend!

  6. Dacquoise is new to me :O ….and do you think they look rugged? Well, it is ruggedly beautiful then :)

  7. Ah…so that’s where your egg whites went to. These look lovely! I always wondered how dacqoises taste like but never tried making them. Your description filled in the gaps in my head nicely! I have the book too…just need to get a fresh can of matcha to get started… your pictures!

  8. shirley : rum & raisin buttercream! that sounds absolutely wicked!

    angie : aiyohhh!! stolen and reproduced! floggers’ nightmare.. :( hugs to you angie. hope u have a happy weekend! :)

    tigerfish : heee.. they do! to me that is.. not so delicate as macarons *wink*

    alison : hahaa.. yes, this is where it went and another bake too! apart from matcha, there’s coffee version too, which i will try soon. i love coffee in bakes :)

  9. I love everything with green tea. Except green tea mooncakes.

  10. So pretty I couldn’t focus on what you wrote! ;P I’ll have to read your post again. Good excuse to gawk at your pics once more.

  11. I’m a huge matcha fan so this recipe is right up my alley! I love the colour!

  12. Those look a bit like a combination of macaroons and dorayaki, but totally delicious looking !!

  13. there are couples of asian stores (vietnamese, indians, chinese) here but the ingredients that i wanted for asian cooking are nearly impossible to find. unlike when we were in Ireland last May, our hotel was right in front of an asian store and there were Nestum, susu tepung Nespray, Milo from Msia(!!), gula Melaka and just anything for Kuik cooking – almost all there! i only bought gula Melaka because of limited luggage weight…

  14. Oh wow! You are quite an accomplished baker! Those look beautiful and so tasty. I recently discovered green tea powder, and love it. And I couldn’t agree with you more–NOTHING is a substitute for buttercream.

  15. Thank you dearies for your kind comments :D

    nina : oh that shucks.. let me know if u really want this green tea powder okie?? *wink*

  16. Ah! I finally know what the difference between dacquoise and meringue! It actually sounds very yummy cos I’m kind of the opposite of you- I can stomach only 2 macarons at any 1 time, but I can eat financier-like, cake-like things to no end! Love the colour of the dacquoise!

  17. I love finding a good recipe to pair with a nice cup of tea … these look so good, I’m definitely going to try it out! Great pictures :)

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