Aug 232010

Many times, i whip up dishes based on, well… what i have in pantry!

For our daily dinner, i hardly cook using recipe book. Most of the time, i’ll just stare at the fridge and ideas come. This squid dish was created during one of those times. It’s really quite anyhow but we love it!

On another note, have you wondered how in the world the squid dishes outside taste so wonderfully tender? For sometime, i never knew and the family had to make do with some very chewy squid. :P Well, now i do and i’d love to share this s-called insider secret with ya! ;)

No Recipe Squid

2 medium size squid, cleaned and cut
1 tomato, into 4
fish gravy, to taste
4 tbsp olive oil
2 limes, halved, for juice

To blend :

2 tbsp dried prawns
6 dried chili
3 cloves garlic
4 shallots

1. Heat oil.  Using high heat, stir in the blended ingredients. Fry till golden and fragrant. Palm off the tomatoes into the wok.
2. Right before adding the squid in, turn down the fire to rather low heat (yes, this is the secret! :P) and stir fry till the squid curls and no longer translucent.  Add in fish gravy, roughly just 1-2 tsp.
3. Squeeze some lime juice all over the squid dish just before serving.

ps : if u like it spicy, just chop up 2 chili padi and throw it in ;)


Submitting this to Muhibbah Malaysian Monday, hosted by 3 Hungry Tummies and Test with Skewer.

  10 Responses to “No Recipe Squid, Asian style”

  1. Such a simple dish and it sounds so tasty! Another trick in tenderising squid is to soak it in milk overnight. Your recipe would definitely be wonderful with chilli!

  2. john : soak it in milk!? i must try that soon! thanks :D

    faithy : let’s eat together one of these days! ;)

  3. ‘anyhow’ cook also so nice … when I anyhow cook, it’s usually inedible! lol

  4. I absolutely love red hot. spicy squid… A perfect combination for a bowl of rice.

  5. I am pretty much like you… most weekdays I just cook whatever I have .. hehe :) The dish looks good!!

  6. Hey, maameemoomoo! I didn’t know it’s you. Been lurking around, though I always remembered your blog by maameemoomoo rather than 1/2 food blog, heh. Nice meeting you tonight! :)

    Sometimes I also just use up whatever’s in the fridge or pantry, and voila! A new dish is born! Thanks for sharing your secret. Now I know why my sotong turned out rubbery!

  7. noobcook : awww babe, u’re way too modest!!

    cooking gallery : yes yes yes!

    mycookinghut : thank you :)

    julia : *waves* HeeeLLooOO! *smile* Aaahh.. yes, i’m maameemoomoo! Nice meeting you too :) Glad to be of help.. let me know if low heat works for u yeah?

  8. Ha ha, I don’t often post savoury dishes because I cook this way too, no recipes, just bantai! The squid looks very yum, and thanks for joining us again :) Btw, a friend of mine tenderises octopus using diced kiwifruit.

  9. shaz : my pleasure :)

    yeah, usually i dun post food without recipes, susah lah.. but this one, just for Muhibbah Monday! heh. kiwifruit?!?! really?? now i’m intrigued!

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