Aug 302010

When i got to know about Babe in the City – KL‘s Merdeka Open House yesterday, i knew i gotta participate even though the closing date was yesterday! :P

Not that i’m so dang patriotic or anything like that but you know, just for fun!

So first thing in the morning today, i rushed down to the wet market to get what i needed for the dish that i wanna cook, something really easy with least ingredients and work because everything is too last minute! Alas, wet market doesn’t sell meats on Monday!! :(

In the end, i had no choice but to go ahead to braise my fei yuk (pork belly) without much brouhaha… pig’s ears and chu cheong (intestines) just to name a few – i know i might have grossed quite many of you with internal parts like these! :P

For some strange reason, pork belly excites me. Even (pork) trotter can’t beat this. The many layers  – when done right, is really quite beautiful. Roasting, braising, even in the soup, pork belly is not only awesome to eat, it is actually quite pleasing to look at too!


Truth be told… pork belly was never the highlight whenever my mother cooked us this dish when we were little. What the sisters and i really look forward to were actually the eggs and chu cheong! Fei yuk??!? Ewwwww… hahahaahaa!

I remember very clearly how the sisters and i would fight over the last piece of chu cheong — grrr.. still sulking over the fact that i couldn’t get any chu cheong today :( — . It was never enough to go around where as the fei yuk will always be there in the serving plate. Grin. I think the only person who ate up those fei yuk would be my daddy!

Of course, the eggs … needless to say, they usually disappeared before we even finished greeting our parents! Yes, in my family, it’s a must to greet the parents and my older siblings before eating. Because i have a huge family, the greeting can go on and on and on. ppsstt : i have 2 elder sisters, 1 brother and 2 younger sisters. Sometimes, out of courtesy and for the fun of it, i’d even greet my younger sisters! Heee. Guess that pretty much explains why the eggs can disappear aye? ^_^

Back home, we used to eat this with a bowl of plain porridge with stir fried long beans. It’s really quite something when we had it during the year end – cold and raining, under the dim lights with the rain went pitter patter pitter patter over our zinc roof – well, just some parts anyway, which my dad fixed up.


How time flies. Sigh.

It’s funny how happy we were despite not owning anything fancy, no fancy books, no fancy toys, no fancy holidays, no fancy gadgets… but we were truly happy. We had dog(s), cats, hamsters, batu seremban (5 stones), our house gate which doubled as badminton net, foreign pen pals (mine were from UK and Greece) and our very own stamp books – huge collection too(!) to keep us occupied.

Then, happyness was going to the swimming pool on the weekend evening with my parents and siblings who can’t swim for nuts. All we did was pee wade around, splash and laugh whilst pretending to swim. :)

Lou Fei Yuk (Braised Pork Belly)

400-500g pork belly
4 pieces non-salted taukwa (bean curd)
6 hard-boiled eggs, peeled
2 star anise
4-5 cloves of garlic
3-4 tbsp dark soya sauce
3-4 tbsp light soya sauce
a pinch of salt
2-3 cups of pork-bone stock

1. In a pot of boiling water, throw in the whole chunk of pork belly for at least 10 seconds, this is to get rid of the unpleasant porky smell. Drain.
2. Using high heat, sautee pork belly all over to seal the juices. Stir in garlic till golden.
3. Add in taukwa, followed by star anise, dark soya sauce and light soya sauce, the stock and salt.
4. The eggs can be added in anytime now. Once the dish looks pretty much edible, you can taste and see if the seasoning is to your liking. Adjustments to be made here.
5. Cover and simmer for at least 45 minutes before serving.


Hopefully the babe will be kind enough to accept my entry despite being 1 day late! *keeping both my fingers and toes crossed!*

* fei yuk = fatty meats but usually it refers pork belly

  15 Responses to “Food From Our Hearts : Lou Fei Yuk {Braised Pork Belly}”

  1. What a fantastic post on my favourite dish :) Looks absolutely to die for.

  2. You props look good for the shots. I love pork belly, but too lethal for my belly :(

  3. 3hungrytummies : thank you, Suresh :)

    umasou : hahahaa!! eat first, think later :P

  4. omg that braised pork belly looks so delicious!!

  5. OMG!!! Looks super delicious!

  6. mmmm…the 2nd picture is beckoning at me…;-)) This is the favourite of my brother’s. I am the one who usually picked up all the fried tofu, that has absorbed all the gravy from the meat. Irresistible.

    P.S Yes, apples are perfectly fine for the cake….quarter the apples, one for each line, so you probably just need 4 for the recipe. Or use the canned peaches or apricots instead.

  7. hey nice pics and I do love the cheong and the eggs! thanks for participating for this year’s Merdeka Open House and hope you can join in next year ;-)

  8. alkanphel : thank you! i always thought u were alkanpel.. hahah! think i even said ‘alkanpel’ that day!

    mycookinghut : thanks!!

    angie : grin. for this case, i ate up most of the tofu and egg!

    babe_kl : thank you and i’d definitely try! hopefully not last minute submission again :P

  9. I love braised pork belly and eggs too! Your knife skills are definitely much better than mine looking at your evenly sliced pieces. Hungry!

  10. Looks awesome! My fave is the egg and tofu!

  11. Those are foods for my stomach ;). Look extremely yummy!!

  12. Reminds me of the dish Kuey Chap with the braised pork, and egg.

    What?! You pee in the swimming pool? That seems to be everybody’s dirty secret :O …heh heh

  13. rene : hahaha! u’re too kind! cutting and slicing + chopping – i’m truly bad at it.

    faithy : sameeee!

    cooking gallery : thank you :D

    tigerfish : ssshhhhhhhhhhh!! not so loud! hahahahaha :P

  14. This is nothing short of sensational. I want some now, especially those glorious eggs!

  15. wah u made me super hungry now, looks very pro. I like chu cheong but I have never had it in lou fei yuk… you must teach us next time how to prepare the intestines ^^

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