Nov 042010

I love hosting.

I enjoy setting up my dining table, cooking for friends and chit chatting away over a cuppa.

Just the other day, out of the blue, i asked bestie to come over for a very simple lunch.. just because i had quite a number of saba (mackerel) fillets in the fridge and they are bestie’s favourite! :)

Personally, i much prefer the fresh saba fillets. Frozen ones just won’t do. Fresh ones we acquire from the wet market are the best! However, they are only sold as whole but the fish mongers will gladly fillet them for you if you were to ask :)

Grilled Saba with Terriyaki

(for 2 persons)

2 saba (mackerel) fillets
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp terriyaki sauce *optional

1.preheat oven to 200c
2. marinate the fillets with salt and rub the oil all over the fish for 10 mins
3. with the skin side up, grill the fish for 5-10 mins or till the skin browns. remember not to grill for too long otherwise the fillet may be too dry
4. drizzel with the terriyaki sauce just before serving
5. serve immediately with a slice of lemon and a bowl of short grain rice topped with nori

Note : because the fillets i had were fresh, i didn’t bother marinating them with terriyaki beforehand. the natural flavor was good enough for me :)


Apart from grilled saba with rice, i also made us some kick-ass cold soba but that’s for another day!

So… stay tuned!

ps : can i just rant a little? *sniffs* after re-installing the windows, my PS3 went bonkers! i can no longer do photo editing. the colours of the photo appear in PS3 differ greatly than the original ones. how absurb can it get?!?! because i couldn’t wait anymore, these photos in this entry are all un-touched, saved for the watermark :((

  16 Responses to “Grilled Saba fish with Terriyaki Sauce”

  1. I didn’t even notice a difference in your photo’s. They look as delicious as ever. Mmmm, sold soba noodles. Can I come over?

  2. looks delish and ure pics always looks great!

  3. I only enjoy a great meal with good friends, not so much on hosting and setting up the dining table. Of course, love the chit-chatting over food with good friends :D …The saba looks perfectly grilled! Esp like the skin.

  4. john : haha! u know why.. coz i picked the photos that needed least touch-up! hey, if u are here, i’ll be more than happy to have u over for meals! ;)

    jasmine : awwww.. thanks babe!

    tigerfish : aahh… guess what? right after i published this entry, my sis read it and asked if she could bring her friends over for meals then. immediately i sat up and shook my head. like you, i guess i’d only do it for friends i heart and not just anyone :)))

  5. I lovee this fish. My parents in law are such a big fan of them :)

  6. Your photos are amazing! What a better way to cook mackeral!

  7. next time i go to your house to! i’m the opposite..i dun like to host anything..LOL! I only like to make dessert table..LOL! I love grill saba…next time you make it for me ok?

  8. anh : my in laws too!! :)

    3hungrytummies : thank you, and welcome back!!

    faithy : no problemo!! if u are willing to step into my pig sty, i’ll be more than willing to cook and bake for ya!

  9. No worries about the photos. They look gorgeous and the Saba is perfect!

  10. i adore fish and asian food..this is perfect! i wish i was invited :)

  11. The whole set up looks so japanese! i love the pictures!

  12. shirley + mira + crustabakes : thank you! :))

  13. wah no PS – but no need lah, coz the photos are really good! aiyah, I must make this soon … so delicious looking :)

  14. noobcook : awwww.. so sweet you. next time i treat you coffee okie? ^_^ yes, cook it soon!!

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