Nov 262010

I was feeling a little adventurous.

Needed something different than the norm.

Furthermore, with the newly acquired black sesame powder, i thought, why not?

Tri-flavor Bread it was!

Shaping was not all that tough.

Just like braiding the hair!

The only thing is that i’m not really good at braiding my own hair, nor anyone’s hair. In fact, in this whole life of mine, i have never had my hair braided for real. Probably just a little twisting sometimes… when i was little. Grin. So errrrmm, guess that was why my loaf of bread turned out looking a little off, aye? Heheeeeeeeeeee!

As usual, milk bread recipe was used — can you tell that i’m a die hard fan?? ^_^ –

Flavor wise, it was rather pleasant and very like-able.

Green tea wasn’t at all strong however, but the same cannot be said for the black sesame… robust and fragrant, just the way i like it :)

Best is to have it toasted just a wee bit, slap on a thin layer of butter to bring out the full flavor and you’re more than ready to go.

Tri-Flavor Bread

1 milk bread recipe
10g black sesame powder
10g green tea powder

1. Divide dough equally to 3 parts (do weigh it!)
2. Add black sesame powder to 1 part and green tea powder to another.
3. Roll all 3 parts to baguette lookalike.
4. Place 3 parts side by side and braid them as you would to the hair.
5. Follow step 6, 7, 8 in milk bread recipe.


  12 Responses to “Tri-flavor Bread”

  1. I’m sure this was tasty. I love the photo of the uncooked braid

  2. Hi! I did one similar to yours but my flavours were greentea and chocolate! Beautiful loaf!

  3. Your breads always leave me drooling… and I swear I can smell that particular smell of soft sweet breads. That’s the one thing I truly miss about living in Asia :( I guess I will have to get off my bum and actually make this instead of always saying I will! Thank you for the brilliant recipe… I WILL make it! :)

  4. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Julia Khoo, anh. anh said: “@maameemoomoo: [New Post] Happy weekend! Tri-flavor bread – milk, black sesame & green tea – for breakfast :)” [...]

  5. john : it was! now i’m thinking of dedicating the whole bread solely to black sesame and green tea :P

    jeannie : hello! not as gorgeous as yours! i anyhow kneaded the black sesame and green tea in. didn’t wanna overwork the dough as it had been proofed once already. next time i shall try your method instead =)

    honey : u ought too! there u are missing sweet soft breads and here i am, yearning for artisan breads. Hahaaaa!! the grass on the other side is always greener isn’t it? but when we are on the other side, then only we will realize that our original side wasn’t so bad afterall. LOL!

  6. I love the colors and the texture; it looks really delicious!

  7. Love the colours!!!

  8. Interesting.. like challah.. Can i ask, the wood planks where you put the food on, is that your table, or is it just a board / plank? It makes everything looks so rustic, homey and pretty..

  9. wow! so pro! it looks exactly like those you find at BreakTalk or BreadSociety! yumm yumm! and i bet tastes better and healthier too. very nice *thumbs up*

  10. Black sesame powder? Wow, I must look out for that. I did mine with cocoa powder and load tasted blah only. Nice braiding!

  11. jun + cookinghut : thanksss!

    swee san : *grin* it’s just a few planks that i put together!

    celest : awwwww…. now i’m floating! hahaah!!

    rene : u should! black sesame power!!

  12. Sounds wonderful. I’ve never had a bread flavored with black sesame. I used to work in a bakery where we used to make a similar braided bread. One strand each of beet, spinach, and tomato breads all with herbs. Delicious under the broiler with a little cheese!

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