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I have been wanting to make this for the longest, longest time ever.

Often, i’d chicken out in the end, fearing for the worst. You know, when you love something so much, you just refuse to tarnish its reputation. I heart cold soba of all kinds, cold fat udon (sans flour-y taste that is) and cold thin udon (usually, no flour-y taste in this one!) … in short, i heart ALL cold noodles.

In fact, cold noodles is one of the few things i crave for from time to time. Be it in Japanese restaurants or Korean restaurants, cold noodles is always on my radar when it comes to ordering time.

To date, my absolutely favourite cold noodle gotta be the one in Tatsuya – since 2006!

Anyway, this homemade one rocks my boat quite a bit. With the soba a little al dente and together with the kick-ass sauce, i can now jolly satisfy my cold noodle craving at home! :)

The only downside is i gotta let it sit in the fridge for 30 minutes, yes.. a total of half an hour before i could devour it. The torture.. oh the tortureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~ But, no pain no gain! (no fridge, no cold = no yummy!)

Cold Soba with Honey-Soy Sauce

(adapted from

1 packet of cooked cold noodle (soba/udon)
good soy sauce
sesame oil
lemon juice
cooked tofu

*no fixed amount to the sauce, u need to play around with it until you get the taste that you prefer most

lemon peel
chopped spring onion
toasted nori
Shichimi Togarashi or chili flakes (optional)

1. Mix the sauce together with the noodle and let it sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, but not before placing the cooked tofu on it.
2. Before serving, top the cold noodle with “A” ingredients.


  13 Responses to “Cold Soba with Honey-Soy Sauce”

  1. Hmmm, those noodles look delicious!

  2. Aiya, I missed my soba during my Jap dinner just now. Now I’m hungry again after looking at your photos :p

  3. I’m SO glad you finally decided to break ur silence ‘cos now I get to see ur beautiful blog too :-)
    Can’t wait to look around more n find something else that I can try. Lovely space!

  4. This is exactly the kind of food I feel like eating on a hot summer day…. And your photos are stunning!

  5. Hi Sherie,

    Dropping by to say hi! Your blog is fabulous. I am so gonna start cooking with the recipes listed =)

    Om Nom Nom.


  6. Geez, I haven’t made cold noodle in ages. Now that it’s summer, I guess it’s just about time

  7. LOL, sometimes, the hardest part in a recipe is waiting for the item to cool!

  8. I am a noodle lover! I definitely love giving this bowl a go!

  9. Thank you all for your kind and nice comments! :)

    Prerna : awwww.. welcome! let me know if you need any help!

    Justin : *waves* hello thereeeeee! let me know how the recipes are for you!

    crustabakes : yeah lorrr… yay.. i’m not alone! hahahahaha!

  10. I will cook this very soon. It;s getting hot here in Aus!

  11. I love soba too especially cold soba in summer, in fact I made some for our dinner over the weekend :) This looks simple and very inviting!

  12. You did this proud! And I don’t think I can wait 30 minutes. I will just eat it with the darn good sauce! No waiting :p

  13. Looks great. Thanks for sharing!

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