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I have a confession.

Previously, all my beef rendang dishes were cooked using the easy mix!


Reason being is that i got intimidated by the long list of ingredients and the complexity of it. And for instructions, well, it does sound rather complicated and tons of hard work are required in just preparing!

Alas, after cooking it using pre-mix thrice (yup, i’ve only cooked this particular dish that many times!) … i gave up. The taste was not up to standard. Something was always missing even though i experimented it with 3 different pre-mix brands. Then i realized that it gotta be cooked from scratch or nothing.

So nothing it was for quite sometime actually… until now.

Not too long ago when i saw this recipe in one of my trusted food magazines, i wasted no time and plunged into cooking this well-loved dish almost that very week itself.

Man…. you can never imagine my face expression when i took my first bite of that melt-in-the-mouth beef. Haha!

Of course, the superbly tender and gelatinous beef would be nothing if not for the right spices used. Uh huh, I finally nailed it! The rendang tasted exactly how i wanted and imagined it to be! *happy dance!*

That night, i gave up on being a pescetarian.

The next night, i again, gave up on being a pescetarian. :P

Yup yup yup. The rendang totally hit the bull’s eye. So accurately on the particular spot that i actually gave up on being a pescetarian for 2 nights in a row. I know… shame on me! >.<

Beef Rendang

(from famous cuisine no.64)

A -
1kg beef  (cut into pieces)
200g grated coconut
200ml thick coconut milk
600ml water

B -
20g dried chillies (soak till soft)
2 stems lemon grass
5 shallots
5 garlic cloves
3cm fresh tumeric
3cm fresh galangal
3 candlenuts
2cm fresh ginger
5tbsp cooking oil

C -
4 stalks curry leaves
6 blades kaffir lime leaves
3tbsp curry powder
1 tsp salt
1tsp sugar

1. to make ‘kerisik’, stir-fry the grated coconut in the hot wok without oil over medium-high heat until aromatic and golden in color.
2. blend all ingredients (B) in the blender until finely paste and smooth. dish out.
3. heat up wok, add in blended ingredients (B), stir fry over medium high heat until fragrant. add in ingredients (C), stirring constantly for at least 5-10 minutes.
4. add beef, toss until the beef color changes. pour in water, bring to boil. simmer over low heat for an hour or so intil beef pieces are cooked and tender.
5. add in coconut milk and ‘kerisik’, stir fry until well combined and the gravy is absorbed and color of the curry deepens.


Submitting this to Muhibbah Monday!

  17 Responses to “Beef Rendang”

  1. Beef rendang warms my heart like only a few things do. I totally adore this dish and have sadly never made it.

  2. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ellena Guan, Calvin Timothy. Calvin Timothy said: RT @maameemoomoo [New Post] Beef Rendang, made from scratch! BEST with nasi lemak ;) [...]

  3. WOW! looks SEDAP!!
    i love beef rendang, esp. if the beef is tender and soaked in with alllllll that yummy spicy goodness! yumm!

  4. Thanks for your 2 wonderful posts for MMM. The rendang looks fabulous! I often use rendang mix as well, the excuse is the same as yours lol

  5. oh you! I LOVE RENDANG!!! any idea if i can replace curry powder and use rendang paste instead? husband doesn’t like curry, poor me :P i have rendang paste at home and it has been in the store room for months cause i have no idea how to rendang it. Thank you for your recipe, it is in my list for next food tasting ;)

  6. Looking yumm with ketupat, lontong or rice. I love rendang as well since I moved to Canada. As an Indonesian born who loves seafood and every time I went to Padang restaurants in the country, I prefer chose gulai kepala kakap. :)

    For me, the main ingredients of Rendang Padang that I never skip are turmeric leaves and asam kandis.

  7. john : it’s not exactly fuss free to cook unless you’ve got 3 hours to spare! otherwise, eating this at Mamak (do they serve this there?) would be more ideal!

    celest : it was SEDAP! hahahaa.. can u see that the meat was so tender that when i served it, there wasn’t in that cube form already! hahaaa!

    3hungrytummies : hahaha! wait till u make this, u’ll say bye bye to the premix! ;)

    nina : cute gravatar! as for using the rendang paste, definitely no problem methinks. but for a kick ass rendang, must have include ingredients B & C ok? let me know how it turns out for ya!

    pepy : man.. i’d love this with lemang!! i love seafood too… but couldn’t resist this. heeee.. googling the ingredients u just mentioned, esp the tumeric leaves that i *ahem* skipped :P

  8. You are making me miss beef rendang at this very moment! Dynamite! Love just that with steamed rice.

  9. I totally know what you mean by getting intimidated by a long list of ingredients, which is probably why I still haven’t made Beef Rendang! This looks like something I’d like to attempt though!

  10. You make me drool with this yummy looking rendang dish. It’s a mouth-watering dish indeed.

  11. I LOVE beef redang!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  12. wah… your home-made spice paste looks shiok! you made me so hungry again!

  13. tigerfish : for where u are now, pre-mix would do!

    cookie : once u get around it, it’s not so intimidating after all. once u try this, u’ll wanna cook it again and again. no joke!

    little inbox : heeee.. yes indeed. i love beef rendang!

    rene : pleasure! lemme know how yours turn out!

    noobcook : haha!! it kinda reminds me of those pastes that are sold at Indian stalls!

  14. Delicious looking rendang, and you even made kerisik. Wow! Vey impressive :)

  15. Gosh, no wonder your rendang looks sooooo yummy, starting from scratch. Hats off to you!

  16. Wow this looks amazing. I love beef rendang and order it all the time when I go to a local Indonesian restaurant. It’s hard to find fresh resh galangal and curry leave in where I live. Can I use curry paste instead?

  17. shaz : fairly easy! u gotta give it a try too ;)

    cheah : thanks… it’s quite OK one! promise!

    yi : hhhhhmm.. nothing can ever substitute curry leaves sadly. BUT yes, curry or better, rendang paste is the way to go if there’s no other options :D

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