Jan 032011

For the fun of it :)

desperately in need of de-stressing hence this post. having 2 boys attending Primary School this year really does nothing for my sanity and school starts only tomorrow! so stressed i am that i mistook soya beans for chickpeas and boiled a pot of them … and ummMmmm, this was after my helper told me THRICE that it was soya beans and not chickpeas. apparently, i just nodded my head?!?! (she told me this after i realized my blunder and finally ‘woke up’)


In no particular order.

1. Banoffee Pie

2.  Chinese-fied Risotto

3. Green Tea Dacquoise

4. Hot Cross Buns

5. Mussels in White Wine

6. Mont Blanc

7. Coq au Vin

8. Cappuccino Fudge Cheesecake

9. Beef Rendang

10. Chocolate & Almond Meringue Cake


10 recipes already???

Hhhmmm.. can i add 2 more please?? I can’t live without these 2 recipes as well! ^_^


11. Naan as Thin Crust Pizza

12. Durian Puffs


Okay fine, the truth is i actually shortlisted 25 recipes (unconsciously) but i think i’d spare you the other 13 lah! :P

All in all, i’m pretty pleased that i have baked and cooked quite a variety this year and very glad that i’ve finally ventured out of my comfort zone to tackle some recipes which i once deemed rather challenging and dropped the thought like some very hot cakes.

Hooooraaayyy for 2010!

  8 Responses to “My Favorite 10 Recipes in 2010”

  1. Happy New Year, hun!! What wonderful recipes…. I can’t even collect the drool on my keyboard. You are definitely killing me with the rendang. And I laughed at your “please, 2 more recipes”. I would be happy to see all of your 25 shortlists, lah! :) Looking forward to seeing more this year!

  2. Wow…I love ALL your top recipes! Tempted to make the Banoffee Pie and Cappucino Fudge Cheesecake…yums!

  3. Very good selection! I can’t wait to get my new camera and your food photography has been an inspiration to me.

  4. wow.. I have the same spoons… hehe how cool is that.. here’s to keeping sane!!!! Bottle of red wine..

  5. Honey : awww~ so sweet la u! hopefully i wont disappoint this year.. xx

    allie : u must! i promise u won’t regret at all ;)

    3hungrytummies : heeeeee… thank you! looking forward to seeing your photos with your new cam cam!

    bailey : make it 2! my stress level is definitely pointing at DANGER zone now, with 2 birthday cakes this week itself + 16 goodie bags by Fri morning! *faints*

  6. How do I miss out the durian puffs? Yum yum! :)

  7. everything looks delicious and lovely photography too!

  8. Aw I hope you got rested and destressed! Thanks for reminding us of all these gorgeous posts. I’ve loved the naan pizza for years, and am hoping to attempt my own version this year :).

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