Jan 132011

I know what you’re thinking! ^_^

Christmas Cake?!?!

On January 13th?!?!

Heeeeee.. yes, go ahead and laugh.

It’s no secret that i am always lagging behind in posting my bakes by now. Even for most of those in food, i usually bake them after the craze dies. Hahahaaa!

So if you will, do pardon this very outdated post of mine, Christmas Fruit Cake.. my very first fruit cake :)

Truth be told, fruit cake ain’t my slice of cake.

I’m not a fan at all. I will not even eat it if you were to place it right in front of me. I just don’t like fruit cakes. Period. But. Darcy does! In fact, for Darcy, fruit cakes equates Christmas.

This Last year, Darcy said something rather laughable, not because i’m cocky or think i could do it for sure but more because he couldn’t just ask nicely. Men… *rolls eyes* :PppPp

Just because he loves fruit cakes but doesn’t like the store bought ones (terribly sweet!) …..

(between the supermarket aisles 2 weeks before X’mas)

Darcy : you don’t know how to bake a fruit cake right?

(before i could answer)

Darcy : i know you don’t.

me : (narrowed my eyes and threw him deadly look) yeah, you are so right! i don’t know how to bake a fruit cake. so you better get one from here.

Darcy : i knew it! you really don’t know how to bake a fruit cake! *shook his head in that manner, yes, that you-are-very-lousy-manner manner*

me : *lips pursed, nose wrinkled, eyes narrowed once more and ready to pounce but alas, i was not at home  so i settled for a couple of pinches on the arse *


Ummm.. so what is the fruit cake doing here then?!?

One word : Love. :)

Not sure if it was the brandy i used, but goodness gracious me, this cake is awwwwsssommmeee! YES, i’m now a convert! A 101% convert. It’s so good that i couldn’t even resist the cake batter! Heh! To wait for a week before slicing it was pure torture. It was mother of all tests! Haha! I needed to hide it in order to get the cake outta my head!

So yes, if you are anything like me, or my sister (also a convert now, thanks to me :P) who winces and wrinkles nose at the mere mention of fruit cakes, may i suggest you to give this more than palatable fruit cake a try?

Trust me, you will love it!

Grandma’s Fruit Cake

(adapted from Donna Hay’s Modern Classic 2)

1 packet of Silver Bird’s fruit mix (i dislike my cake to be jam packed with fruits)
1/2 cup of silvered almonds
1 cup brandy (i use Otard XO)
250g butter, softened
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 dark molasses
4 eggs
2 1/4 cups plain flour, sifted
1/4 tsp baking soda
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground allspice
1/2 cup milk
1-2 tbsp brandy or sherry, extra

1. Place the fruits in a bowl and pour over the brandy. Cover & allow to soak overnight -> i soaked for a week for more robust flavor.

2. Pre-heat oven to 140C. Place the butter & sugar in the bowl of an electric mixer & beat until light & creamy. Gradually add the eggs & beat well.

3. Place the butter & fruit mixtures, flour + nuts, baking soda, all spice & cinnamon into a large bowl and mix together to combine. Alternate the flour mixture with milk to combine.  Line a 20cm (8 inch) square cake tin with two layers of non stick baking paper.

4. Spoon in the mixture & bake for 2 hours or until cooked (mine needed only an hour. do check often as this cake dries up rather quick once it’s baked). Pour over the extra brandy while cake is still hot. Cool in tin.

Note : This cake may be stored in an airtight container up to 2 months.


You can eat this cake right after it cools or if you like, you can wrap it tight with cling film and let it sit for at least a day or 2 for a better tasting cake. Mine sat for a good whole 7 days!

After that, i served each and every slice of the warm (i heated them up) cake with a cold brandied crème anglaise.

Aaahh… blisssssss~

  20 Responses to “Donna Hay’s Christmas Fruit Cake”

  1. Waaaah! I was waiting for this post since Christmas! Lovely lovely lovely!

    Every year I say I’ll bake a fruit cake the next year. Let’s see what this Christmas brings! =D

  2. haha i love the conversation! sounds like the ones i have with my friends. fun yet sometimes annoying at the same time!

    your fruit cake looks good and i love the last photo, it gives a warm feeling, christmasy :)

  3. Gorgeous photos, found your blog through foodgawker.. lovely posts :)

  4. corsage : sorry to have kept u waiting for this long! i’m sure this year will be special. i can tell already! haha!

    grub : lol! yes, agree with u whole-heartedly. annoying but fun!

    la roquette : thanks for popping over and your kind words! it’s always wonderful to hear a word or 2 from readers :D

  5. I do trust you! Next time when I plan to bake a fruit cake, this will be the ONE!

  6. How much is in a packet of Silver Bird’s fruit mix? Thanks

  7. opps.. haha not sure what happened to my message. Fruit cake get such a bad rap… it when it’s done well, OH goodness…isn’t it just delish? I love fruit cake!!!!

  8. I am also not a big fan of fruit cake, esp those that are so dense and heavy and rich! But ever since I tried a good panettone (lighter softer fluffier version of cake which turns out to be a bread somehow), I actually can embrace fruit cake as long as it is well-baked! Yours looks like one. :D

  9. Fruit cakes are nasty, I can’t stand them. So let’s hate them together. Gorgeous pics though!

  10. Fruit cakes are not so bad, they are traditional like Christmas pudding or panforte of Italy. I like them steeped in rum or brandy. You made an excellent one, I,d say!
    Happy New Year!

  11. I was never a fan of christmas pudding or christmas fruit cake, I think they are too rich and sweet and dense. Yours look very delicious, light and crumbly!
    On another note, I have never tried any of the Donna Hay’s recipes, because I think the pictures are just too pretty, I don’t want to ruin it by failing baking the cakes. :) But I will have to try this. Maybe for Chinese New Year?

  12. It doesn’t matter that it is not Christmas… there’s this fruit cake in front of me, I will happily eat it ;)

  13. I used to dislike fruitcakes too but hv recently baked it again and poured a whole load of rum into it and it turned out so good! In fact, I baked another one and it’s sitting in my fridge waiting for CNY lol! I’ll give yours a try next festive season:P

  14. geez, this sound so wonderful, but christmas is not for another 11 months! i am making a mental note to come back here and bake this end of this year. Hopefully i wouldnt forget! LOL

  15. [...] Donna Hay’s Christmas Fruit Cake (I also hate fruitcakes but this looks AMAZING) [...]

  16. i love fruitcake, but…..could never eat a slice as big as the one you’ve cut. a little goes a long way. just cut a sliver and enjoy with hot tea. melody – from virginia

  17. angie + Jun + crustabakes : yes, do bake it soon! and let me know how it turns out yeah? ;)

    honeybadger : should be 200g according to the website.

    bailey : looks like i gotta try other homemade version soon!

    tigerfish : man.. now i wanna bake panettone already :P

    john : but but butttttttt.. i’m now a convert! –> homemade ones only though. heheheeee!

    arthur : ah yess.. agree. esp seeping the mixed fruits. the second cake that i baked didn’t have that much oomphhh all because i couldn’t wait long enough to let the mixed fruits sit for more than 5 days!

    mycookinghut : hahahaa! i now feel the same way too.

    jeannie : we gotta hi5 already aye? ^_^

    melody : i completely agree! the ones in our parents’ homes, both are cut into many tiny slivers!

  18. That looks so delicious, Christmas or not!

  19. I love fruit cake … anytime…even Jan 13th. And if it’s a Donna Hay recipe, even better! YUM!!

  20. maria : aww.. thank you!

    deeba : Donna Hay is LOVE! simple, very few ingredients but delicious and beautiful end product ;)

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