Feb 012011

I gotta say, i’m quite blessed.

Santa doesn’t just come during Christmas for me! 2 weeks ago, one of my Santa flew in and landed on my pad for a couple of nights.

See what Santa got me!

A personalized Longchamp bag! :D
(together with a bag filled with other goodies from Northpole Taiwan)

Of course i had to take Santa out!

Because Santa loves taking photos and camwhore quite a bit, Marina Bay Sands fits the bill perfectly. I reckon Santa snapped more than 100 photos that night. Hehehehhee!

Did i tell you i love Asos? I got this dress for just £8!!

Dinner was at DB Bistro Moderne. Mainly because i wanted to see the much raved about burger! :P

Imagine my disappointment when the burger came in 3 parts, neatly portioned out for us. Haha! I was so looking forward to seeing the big fat thick burger standing right up and not lying all over the plate! *slaps forehead* Oh well… but i must credit them for their attentiveness! Heh.

Food was mediocre.

Seriously, it nothing to shout about.

Chop Chop Salad was umm.. well, just not my kinda salad. It was too creamy for my liking and that was not it. Something was amiss but i can’t quite point out what exactly. In short, it was not satisfying. Then we also ordered the bacon bechamel pizza/tarte with cheese which was pretty alright but did not wow us though.

food photos taken with iPhone

Like i said, i was already disappointed not to be able to capture DB’s original burger in its normal 2 parts form. But after taking the first bite, my face went from :( to >.<


The burger was really very disappointing. Apart from being dry, the meat was bland. There wasn’t much taste at all. I took just 1 bite and that was it (but that was my initial plan anyway :P). But the frites were good. Like really good! When our server, Monica, came over to ask if everything was alright, i nodded my head but casually mentioned that the burger was rather tasteless. She proceeded to ask if she could do anything about it but i just shook my head and assured her everything was fine.

She smiled politely and went away but in less than a minute later, the General Manager, Sebastian, popped over and offered to exchange the burger to something else. Again, i shook my head but he insisted sweetly. In the end, we agreed to exchange our burger for fish. No more meats!

Barramundi Grenobloise with cauliflower and brown sauce – that was what we had instead of the burger. We loved it! The fish was good. I particularly like the crispy skin. As for the fish itself, it has got no fishy taste and so easy to eat, like most the fishes do. Oh, i like how it kinda melt in my mouth because it was grilled to almost perfection. ;)

Dessert (flourless chocolate lava cake) was yummy! Definitely a winner for all chocolate lovers! I enjoyed the sorbet that came with it. Great pairing with the very rich cake and less running to do the next day! Heeeeee!

Verdict : Great ambience. Superb service. OK food. Will i return? Hell yes! I’ll just stick to the fish and dessert!

Of course, a photo with Santa is a must! :D (taken with Blackberry) Oh, please ignore my strange-crooked-looking bangs!

DB Bistro Moderne
10 Bayfront Ave
Marina Bay Sands

Tel: +65 6688 852