Feb 082011

You know i love Indian food.

And then you also know i love grains and pulses.

Bet it is no surprise that one of these days, my blog entry features Dhal, (some call it Dal), aye?

So here it is, one of my monthly must eat at home, Dhal.

Initially, i wanted to make some naan (pardon my horrible dinner pictures) to go with it. But because i was pressing for time, i ended up grabbing some crusty bread off the shelves instead.

Nevertheless, the deliciousness of the dhal isn’t at all affected. Well, maybe just a litttttleee bit, but the highlight is the dhal, not naan, though devouring both together would be awesome.

Oh, did you see my new kitchen ware?

My Indian neighbour got me this Masala Dabba from India when she went home for visiting in December! How sweet of her!  She is the same person who helped me out when i was cooking biryani the other time :)

In return, i baked her David Lebovitz’s Banana and Chocolate Chunk Upside Down Cake which she and her family couldn’t stop thinking about ever since i gave some to her the first time i baked it. *smile* Isn’t it nice to have great neighbours? I’m all for kampung spirit and luckily, most of my neighbours are in the same school of thought!

Anyway, if you love Dhal, or plan to eat healthy … this super easy dish is a must!

Sometimes when i don’t feel like cooking up a storm, this IS our dinner. Heee!


(by Paul Gayler, The Cook’s Book)

170g split red lentils, rinsed
2 green chilies, seeded and finely chopped
1 tsp ground turmeric
1 onion, finely chopped
450ml water
400g canned tomatoes, drained and chopped
4 tbsp ghee or vegetable oil
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp grated fresh ginger
1 garlic clove, crushed
1/2 tsp ground coriander
curry leaves

1. Put the lentils in a saucepan. Add the chilies, turmeric, onion and water and bring to boil. Partly cover the pan and simmer, without stirring for 30-35 minutes or until the lentils are soft. Stir in tomatoes.

2. Heat the ghee in a small pan. Add the rest of the ingredients and dry over moderate heat for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add to the lentils and cook, stirring until thick. Season.

Enjoy! :)


Submitting this to Muhibbah Monday to Suresh at 3hungrytummies.

  20 Responses to “Dhal”

  1. ok, that masala dabba is beautiful (lucky you to have such a neighbor!) and your dhal looks even more beautiful! i’ve cooked a few dhal recipes and nothing hits the spot. I’m just going to try this later for lunch. :D

  2. i don’t eat much grains and pulses, but i made red lentil soup during high school and i loved it! and omg your dhal photos looked like it came out from a magazine!!!!! can i have some banana cake please? banana prices have skyrocketed where i live :(

  3. I love love love dhal. I used to make lots of it and store in the freezer during my student years. So convenient, yet satisfying

  4. May I have you as my neighbour, please?

    In case you are interested, there is a popular blogging event featuring legumes.


  5. Oooh, I love your new spice container! And I love dhal too (but since I’m half-Indian, I don’t think I could NOT like dhal) he he. I often make a HUGE batch and freeze it (even though the texture isn’t as great when deforsted, at least I don’t have to think about dinner. And I serve it with roti canai (the frozen kind). Easy peasy :) Btw – fantastic macarons too.

  6. I love Indian food but have not tried cooking Dhal at home. Your Dhal looks so authentic – I can see it from the color!

  7. You are a genius photographer. You make dal look good on screen.

    I make it several times a week. Serve with roti/raita/a vegi sabzi and we’re ready to go.

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  9. shesays : thank you! how was it? did you like it? this is definitely not the creamy type that serves with prata here.. it’s much lighter.

    grub : awww.. u so sweet la! ooh, i love lentils soup too! oh no.. banana’s price sky rocketed? no wonder they sell frozen bananas!

    swee san : so good that we can even eat with white bread hor?

    rene : of course! :) thanks for the link.. checking out now. definitely interested!

    shaz : half Indian! so you’re a Chin-Dian? ahem, Chin-Dians are very pretty! i love my new spice container too. tee hee hee!

    tigerfish : wahhhhhh.. really? i must credit it to the chef who created this recipe. the book rocks!

    notabilia : grin. you are too generous with your comment Pooja! several times a week? I’d love that but my kids won’t allow me to. Hehehee!

  10. I absolutely love your spice box (and the spices inside too)! I also love dhal – it’s the only thing I eat together with my roti prata :D

  11. I love Dahl, especially with Naan or Roti ! … but need to be careful what kind of lentils to use… some lentils are very difficult to digest…

  12. omo! I love dhal. It’s one of those dishes I made quite often for a while now. yours look sooo vivid and delicious.

  13. Definitely love dhal… never fail to dip my roti with dhal at mamak stall..!

  14. This looks so very good. We’d love for you to share in our food community at dishfolio.com!

  15. janine : and i need another! 1 spice box is NOT enough. haha!

    shirley : agree! which is why i always consult the store keeper before buying lentils.. i’d ask for ‘softer’ lentils ;)

    anh : yeah, best of all.. it’s vegetarian!! hehehehee…

    mycookinghut : same! i actually prefer dhal than the fish curry.. heee!

    lacey : thank you!

  16. I am so in love with the picture of your spices! and between the dhal and the banana cake, i cant decide which is more tempting!

  17. Hey there dahling… hehe I’m so sorry for missing a few of your posts… my mum is sick… so I’ve been helping with that, and I started a new website… I wanted something more professionally named… although it’s still a personal website… might take me a bit to catch up but just wanted to tell you I missed your posts…

  18. crustabakes : *smile* .. thanks sweetie!

    elle : awww.. and i’ve been missing your comments! u take care dear… xx!

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