Feb 152011

Part 1


This is so not the post that i planned to do for Valentine’s Day. In fact, i actually had this cutesy cake in mind which i wanted to attempt but alas, the naughty bacteria persisted and won the battle. I’ve been unwell for more than a week now. Most of the days, i feel lethargic and all i wanna do is sleep.

Anyway, yesterday was the girlfriend’s birthday. Though unwell, i couldn’t not go. I’ve not seen them for 2 months already and i miss the girls. Unlike the rest of them who would meet up on weekly basis, i see them only 8 times or less a year! (my current position is to be blamed) Moreover, it’d be just dinner, a 2 + hour dinner.

So off i went for my hot date with the girls on Valentine’s Day and ditched poor Darcy (not that we would ever do anything like that) at home. On the way home in the car, the radio was on and of course, the topic was about surprises and marriages and more surprises for our other halves. I sighed out loud, knowing extremely well that even at gun point, Darcy will never do anything romantic for me!

By the time i reached home, Darcy was already asleep. As i entered the bathroom, i let out a LOUD gasp and mumbled excitedly, Oh wow, he (Darcy) actually bought something for me!!!!

What a lovely SURPRISE!!

Like seriously! I mean, we have never celebrated V-Day, except this one time back in 2001 when we actually did a double date with his parents. Hahaha! Yes i know.. with HIS PARENTS!!! 0_O

Then i stared at the bag for a while… Hmmm.. didn’t i see this bag in the kitchen just this morning?

Then i brushed the silly thought aside.

Then i peeked. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes!

Then i grabbed and pulled the present out.

Then i widened my eyes. As big as the ping pong ball i’d say.

Because this was what i saw.



Trust me. It was truly WTF moment. HAhahaa!

This book has been sitting in the bathroom for the longest time ever! Surely Darcy won’t pull this kinda joke on me, will he? :(

Then i peeked again. Oooh! There was something else (!!) but sure it sure looked familiar though.

Then i grabbed and pulled another present out.


Boy1′s Pokemon book?!?!?!

Then i found a note ..



I know.

It says, “Gotcha! It’s actually in my car!”

But somehow, i thought it wrote, “Gotcha! It’s actually FROM my car!”

I blame the flu, and the cough. I’ve no idea why i was so blur.. but i really thought what Darcy meant was these books were found in his car, so he brought them up and pretended they were my V-Day pressie! (of course, it didn’t make sense at all because i knew these stuff cannot be from Darcy’s car because they have been in the loo the whole time!)

The truth is, i wasn’t sad or anything like that at all. Given how much the husband likes to fool around with me, i’m not surprise that he would actually do such thing. In the end, i just smiled and thought, hey.. that guy actually made an effort to do all these. So not him! So yup, it was quite pleasant surprise after all :)

I even kept the ‘toilet paper love notes‘ in my precious-everything box ok! Don’t pray pray!

As i scrambled to the bed that night, i told the sleepy husband that i’d bite him in the ass (which i did. ok ok, TMI TMI! Haha!) for the prank which he pulled and he was like, huh??? But why?!?! Did you go to my car?!?!

I was like, HUH?!?! Your car? Why would i go to your car?!?!

Darcy : because i wrote that the present was in my car?!?

Me : huh? your car or my car?!?!

Darcy : my car!

Me : ermm.. but that was not what you wrote!
(and just right after i said that, the image of the second note came on and i was like OMG! so that was what the note was about! telling me that the present is actually in the car and not whatever #%$&* that i thought it was! LOL!! )

Me : OMG!

Darcy : *sigh* this is what happens when you try to give creative surprises to stooopiiiig pig.


To be continued. :)

  10 Responses to “V-Day Pressie for me?!?”

  1. haha this is so funny!! but your husband is really sweet! so what’s the gift if i may ask?

  2. so exciting! can’t wait to find out what the surprise actually is :D

    and hope you’re feeling better already!

  3. sorry to hear that you are sick! hope you get better very very soon so you can conquer the world again :) in the end your Valentine’s Day turned out pretty surprising! glad your Husband’s notes made your day which i hope made you feel better on the inside at least hehe

  4. Gosh..aren’t we all just having a bad week it seems… you message meant so much to me, thank you = )

    I’m almost finished with the new site… still doing a few tweaks here and there… come say HELLO = ) hehe

  5. awww! sounds like he put thought into this gift! I’m excited to read about what you found when you got to the car!

  6. This is seriously hilarious! One of those signature scenes in a romantic comedy! But ain’t we all suckers for romance? :) Hope you are exhilarated with the pressie!

  7. ha ha ha your husband is so adorable and funny. Can’t wait to see what he got for you in his car :)

  8. Playing romantic treasure hunting, yea? ;p

  9. Thank you all! I’m much better now ever since i’m on antibiotics few days ago :)

    Ahhhh.. the present… Part II coming right up! ^_^

  10. haha cant wait to see the real present!!! Happy belated V day:)

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