Feb 162011

On the same day i did the Tri-Flavor Bread, i managed to squeeze this version in too.

Yes i know! If you have noticed, i actually used back the same props for both loaves. That’s because i snapped the loaves back to back. Not only the props were the same, even the styling ain’t much different! Grin. Please say you don’t mind. :)

Personally, i like this loaf better. Nothing to do with the flavor combination or anything like that, it’s mostly because the taste of chocolate and matcha is much stronger here. The earlier loaf was an experimental loaf so, i didn’t quite dare to add too much of black sesame and matcha. But for this loaf, i was feeling a little more adventurous (for some unknown reason) and added the powder as much as i could.

I’m sure glad that it turned out OK and not otherwise :)

Chocolate and Matcha Bread

1 milk bread recipe
10g dutch chocolate powder
10g matcha powder

1. Divide dough equally to 2 parts (do weigh it!)
2. Add dutch chocolate powder to 1 part and matcha powder to another.
3. Roll all 2 parts to squarish shape.

4. Place 1 part on top of the other. Roll them together like rolling a piece of paper. Give a slight pat down and fold both ends in.
5. Follow step 6, 7, 8 in milk bread recipe.


Happy baking! :)

  15 Responses to “Chocolate and Matcha Bread”

  1. Not a fan of matcha but since there’s chocolate I may just be enticed. Love your braided one though.

  2. Lovely swirls! I noticed that the top of your loaf looks glossy. Did you brush it with something?

  3. Oi where is part 2 ar???????

  4. nom nom nom… I bet your whole house smelt wonderful while that was baking, huh? YEA.. part 2… where is it…

  5. Gorgeous swirls, I am in love with swirly bread at the moment. But I want to know also, where is Part 2 and what did you get for V day?? Please tell. The suspense is killing me :)

  6. This loaf is gorgeous. I love the bright green color!

  7. The loaf looks amazing!!

  8. Thank you for all the kind comments! :)

    Part II coming right up!

    Rene : ermm, nope.. i didn’t brush the top of my loaf with anything. i think it’s due to the high contrast in the photo! heee!

  9. Love the interplay of colors and flavors !

  10. The colors are so striking. This is definitely way more eye-catching than the usual cinnamon-swirl loaf. ;)

  11. I’ve been wanting to do something like this as I’ve been playing around with milk bread variations. Yours looks beautiful! I love the swirling/marbling of the two flavors.

  12. Very interesting! I love the colours and I bet it tastes good!

  13. tigerfish + carolyn + kirbie + mycookinghut : thank you! :D

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