Feb 172011

Part II

(part I here)


Did i leap out from the bed and sprint to the 200m away car park?

The answer is  no.


Because the husband kindly told me (if he hadn’t, i’d have skinned him ALIVE given that it was already 11+ pm!) that if i were to sprint to the car, all i’d find is another note, directing me to another location to the present! In the end, i didn’t even have to pester Darcy to tell me the final location (yeah, that inane man actually had a few more locations that he intended for me to search after the car!).  He volunteered the location himself seeing my then-groggy-state. Hahahahaa! — i had it easy eh? ^_^ –

Hiding a present in the bathroom is way too easy to find!

I spied the gift within seconds after i jumped off the bed. *wink*



But man………… NTUC plastic bag?!?!?!

Hmmm.. not looking good at all.

I almost didn’t wanna un-tie the plastic bags but oh well, my curiosity got the better of me.

After peeling off 3 layers of plastic bag, my heart stopped beating for a while when i first laid my eyes on it.




I’m pretty sure your heart would too, if you were me.
(definitely not because i was too excited!)

A WHAT?!?!

Hair dryer?!?!?!?!?!

As V-Day gift?!?! *slaps forehead*

Then i smiled weakly.

Ahhh.. The husband remembered.

For the past half a year, i’ve been complaining about our current hair dryer which automatically switches off by itself when it gets too hot. Every night without fail, i need at least half an hour to dry my hair because 4-5 attempts are needed. On good days when the hair dryer isn’t all that temperamental, i just need 2 attempts. Almost every week, i’d whine to Darcy out of frustration and wish he would get me a new dryer — for the record, i didn’t really mean it… because i’ve been meaning to get the professional-salon-type next month!  –

So yes, the husband remembered.

And returned to the bed i did.

And planted a kiss on Darcy’s cheek i did.

And whispered thank you i did.

Was i thrilled?


Was i disappointed?

Hell yes!


I felt loved.

It’s the thought and effort that count. ;)

And, the husband does pay attention to my whines and complains! LOL!