Mar 032011

The girlfriend in the States just texted me regarding the recipe which she says didn’t quite work.

After a few texts being exchanged, i realized the girlfriend followed the recipe from the newspaper. I didn’t quite read the recipe printed there but all i know is it was very detailed. Rebecca Lynne Tan, the Straits Times journalist made mammoth effort to re-write my recipe so that it would be much  friendlier to non-bakers.

After the girlfriend complained, i took out the paper to re-read and noticed a few boo boo.

A few things to take note if you are gonna follow the recipe on the paper :

  • do peel the yam first before steaming
  • if you want your cheesecake to have bits of yam, just puree the yam for a shorter period of time
  • if you do not want your cheesecake to have bits of yam, puree the yam till smooth
  • all the mixing is to be done via food processor or mixer — you don’t have to fold in via hand –
  • the purpose of cornflour being added is to prevent eggs from scrambling but in my case (you won’t want that to happen on your first attempt as it can be quite demoralizing), i don’t add it as i understand my oven’s temperature really well and i know i would be baking at the correct temperature (i have oven thermometer). to quote Cindy Mushet, ‘starches mar the texture of a creamy cheesecake and can compromise the flavour as well’.

Do let me know if you have encountered any other problems?


p.s : to be on the safe side, it is best to follow the orh nee cheesecake recipe on this blog :)

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  1. OH…you can’t change a baking recipe.. its science..what a bummer… I don’t get the paper though..

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  3. Hi, I notice that in ur blog, u state bake in water bath while in the newspaper, it state place a tray of water on the lower rack. Either way will benefits the purpose? And Which way is better? Sorry if i’m asking stupid qns.


  4. Hello Jennie,

    This is what i wrote on the blog’s recipe :

    “.. * feel free to bake the cake in water bath but if you are using spring form pan, be sure to wrap the bottom of the pan in 2 layers of foil to prevent any water from seeping into the cheesecake. alternately, you can just slide in a tray filled with water just beneath the rack.”

    In the paper, Rebecca (the journalist) didn’t include water bath. Instead, she chose just one of the above methods to keep the cake moist.

    You can do one or the other. Uh huh, either way, it will serve its purpose.

    Feel free to ask any questions. Not stupid at all, don’t worry! :)

    Personally, i prefer filling the sliding a tray filled with water just below the cake. Hassle free and i don’t have to worry about water seeping into the cheesecake.


  5. Don’t ask me how I missed this out in the newspaper but I did. I am definitely going to KIV this one. May I know whether I can replace coconut cream with milk?

  6. Edith : *smile* if u are not keen on the coconut milk, skip it altogether. need not substitute with milk ;)

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