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I think almost no one dislikes Nasi Lemak. Hands up if you don’t!

Apart from the cholesterol busting (coconut milk does not contain cholesterol after all!) rice that is filled with saturated fats that can raise cholesterol levels, i just can’t think of any other reason why would anyone not like this dish. Even my kiddos who don’t take spicy food, love nasi lemak! Hahaaa.. Kinda makes one wonders why they eat it in the first place aye?

Well, for one, they dig the ultra fragrant rice.

Two, they are suckers for the fried ikan bilis (anchovies)!

Three, they like the eggs, the peanuts and cucumber.

So yes, apart from the sambal cili, they really do enjoy nasi lemak whole heartedly. But i’m quite wicked sometimes. Do you know what i usually do?

(uh oh, my evil deed is about to be exposed!!)

I will sometimes, okayyyy, fineeee.. ..most of the time,  incorporate some of the sambal cili into their rice without their knowledge! HAhahaahahah!

You know, just a teeeny weeeny bit… hoping they can slowly adapt to the spiciness and not say NO to anything spicy as they grow up. I don’t quite fancy the thought of me being the only person in the family who eats spicy food — Darcy and helper not included. That will be soooo notttt fun!

Importantly, i think a real man eats spicy food, no? :P
(my opinion only lahh.. so if you don’t know me, u can jolly well ignore the sentence above ok? no offense intended! ;))

Nasi Lemak

(from famous cuisine no.64)

Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang – Seriously, you can  never say NO to this! ^_^


3 cups long grain rice
2 small thumbs of ginger (flatten)
4 blades pandan leaf (knotted)
3/4 to 1 tsp salt
2 cups water
1 cup thick coconut milk

Serve with

  • sambal ikan bilis (recipe follows)
  • hard boiled egg
  • roasted peanuts
  • cucumber
  • fried ikan bilis


1. rinse the long grain rice, put it into rice cooker, add in water, coconut milk, ginger, pandan leaves and salt. cook together.
2. serve with the above.


Sambal Cili

Ingredients (A)

50g big onion (shredded)

Ingredients (B)

15g dried chilies (soak in the water until soft)
50g shallots
30g garlic cloves
150g chili paste / cili boh
4 tbsp cooking oil

Seasoning :

1/2 tsp salt
2-3 tbsp sugar
100-150ml tamarind concentrate (depending how tart you like your sambal)


1. stir fry the big onions in a hot wok with some cooking oil until fragrant. dish out.

2. blend all ingredients (B) in the blender until smooth.

3. heat up wok, add in (B), stir fry over medium high heat until fragrant. add in seasoning, toss well.

4. add big onions, mix well and ready to serve.



For myself, i like my Nasi Lemak with side dishes. I’ll usually just cook one side and that’s it. Having a spicy side dish with nasi lemak gives it more oommmppphhh! ;)

Trust me, the extra effort of  cooking up at least 1  side dish just to go with the nasi lemak is worth it. ;)


Submitting this to Shaz – Test with Skewer for Muhibbah Monday!

  23 Responses to “Nasi Lemak with Sambal Cili”

  1. Omg!!! Impressive~~~ And I want some Beef Rendang plssss :)

  2. ahahaha i like it without the sambal hehe. your small filling inside would definetely be a surprise!

  3. I would never say no to nasi lemak. It’s one of my all-time favourite meals! I think you need to come to Sydney and be my mum for a while!

  4. I can never resist nasi lemak, so as my 7 yrs old daughter, she always ask for it. Now you are making me craving for it too and pairing with beef redang, sedap!

  5. lol. sneakily incorporating chilli to ur sons’ rice.. I like that! Ur nasi lemak looks so good! it looks good enough to sell. and that beef rendang looks wonderful as well :)

  6. ellena : heee.. u are too kind! *passes a plate of rendang over*

    grub : ssshhhhhhhhh~~ not too loud. they have not found out about the secret ‘filling’ yet! :P

    john : your MUM?!?! too young.. make me your grandmama please! hohohohoho!

    jess : nasi lemak is irresistible to both young and old! cook it today! ;)

    crustabakes : hahahaa.. i’m an evil mommy! till today, they have no idea what i’ve done. hahhaaa!

  7. Waaah you make it sound so easy! But in my hands it will not be =P

    My husband always says we don’t do Nasi Lemak right in Singapore. He likes his the Msian style, with the type of side dishes you mentioned and not fried chicken! haha


  8. Hey sorry dear. How many servings is your recipe for? The silly me can’t tell =P Thanks for sharing!!

  9. rraawwwrrr ! Nasi lemak winner ;)

  10. I can resist nasi lemak, I kid you not! But I can’t resist beef rendang! If both are paired together, I think I won’t mind … I know this Malaysian is odd … LOL! Your nasi lemak looks good, though! Malaysia’s favorite food!

  11. I haven’t been reading blogs last 2 days. Didn’t realize you have blogged the same. Great minds think alike :) your sambal looks great. Love the fiery looking colour.

  12. looks so good, especially the sambal chilli… I want!

  13. Wow Sherie, your photos are so incredible! My kids also cannot tahan spicy but love nasi lemak for all the reasons you highlighted (except the eggs, they don’t like egg yolks, will only eat egg yolks if I scramble them). You are so right, an extra side dish adds so much ooomph. I personally like the beef rendang. Yum. Thanks for a great entry again.

  14. Out of the topic, I don’t think you need to worry about spicy foods, your kids will eventually start eating them, as a kid I hated sambal stuff, ( I actually still do but because i don’t like the flavors.) But as I grew up, I learnt to eat spicy food, now som tum/ tom yam soup, sichuan foods arent a problem. locally, I think its hard to avoid eating spicy food.

    That aside, your photos are amazing! they really put many food bloggers to shame. I’ve been thinking about photographs on blogs alot and your’s are consistently good! I really need to start being more attentive to my photos!

  15. Could I come over for the lunch? LOL This looks so mouthwatering! I should eat more sambal food.

  16. corsage : lol! then u MUST cook this for him ok? anything that u are not sure of, feel free to ask! Ahh.. sorry, the above serving is just nice for 3 adults + 3 children. so, ermm.. u might wanna halve the recipe? i’m quite sure your hb will go for second serving! ;)

    swee san : absolutely!

    dodol mochi : not at all! different people different preference *wink* but yes, one of the reasons i ate this because of the melt in the mouth rendang and i was supposed to be pescetarian! grrrr!

    ellie : indeed. must be we miss our good ol’ nasi lemak aye? :)

    noobcook : nahhh… *pass one plate over* ^^

    shaz : thanks dear :) methinks it’s the coconut rice… and the crunchy ikan bilis! for me, the side dish yeah, as long as it’s spicy and ada kuah, boleh laaaaa… haha!

    jacob : aahhh! i sure hope so *keeping fingers crossed*. they don’t have to necessarily like sambal.. as long as it is spicy (like the foods u mentioned), can already!

    thank youuuuu for the compliment! for myself, as long as i get the lighting right, i’ll be ok – no complaints. styling is secondary! *grin* so yeah, your photos are not bad at all – clear and bright. not bad at all. serious!

    angie : fly overrrrr! anytime ;)

  17. Beef rendang, chicken curry or chicken curry – I can’t decide! Yes, somehow Nasi Lemak can be quite seductive. I think it is the chili. I can eat those $1 leaf-wrapped Nasi Lemak with just chili, cucumber and ikan bilis. If lucky, can get a tiny thin flat slice of egg. ;O

    I am so hungry now.

  18. Hello! Is there such a thing like Nasi Lemak Day? I just visited Ellie`s Almost Bourdain and got very hungry looking at her pictures of nasi lemak. And now I found yours too. Love them! The beef rendang looks gorgeous too!

  19. This might totally amaze you…but .. I have not had it yet.. can you believe it? This is my task for this week I don’t think I can easily buy it here …. but all the ingredients are on hand = ) it’s something both the Mr. and I would really enjoy.

  20. My boyfriend and I like spicy food but not too too spicy. I think he’d really love this though!

  21. Hi! Chanced upon your lovely blog through Chubby Hubby. :) Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe!

  22. I tried it!!! Thanks so much. I halved the recipe. Wrote about it on my site. Unfortunately no after pics :(

  23. tigerfish : yes, u are absolutely right. chili is utmost important.. and the rice too! :)

    arudhi : hahaha! wish there is but nope. it was really quite a fun coincidence that ellie and i posted the same dish almost at the same time!

    elle : oh no! come over and i’ll bring u around to sample the best hawker fare ever!

    sharlene : give it a try! it’s not that spicy actually… not enough to make me sniffs and get my nose running. hahaa!

    gin : welcome and the pleasure is all mine :)

    corsage : yay!! after-pics next time. plenty more to come! ;)

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