Mar 102011

It’s my second time travelling alone to another country where the plane ride takes more than 5 hours. In fact, i’m minutes away from boarding time.

Darcy (our only Chinese able reader who can speak proper Mandarin) was supposed to tag along initially.. But, alas, work commitment… sigh. So i’m all alone for now as the other 2 girlfriends will only join me 2 days later.

So yes, i’m feeling a teeny weeny nervous (the cold, the toilets, the food, the language barrier, OH DEAR!) but(!) methinks it will be fun fun fun … exploring a country – backpacking and conquering a not so high mountain (it might snow! yay!) – with 2 other stooges or clowns if you like (yes, i’m one too. haha!).

But fear for me not as i will be in good hands (i sure hope so!) as one of the gfs is rather manly, 101% reliable and her ability to use her very own engineering judgement to make some correlations then extrapolate base findings to come up with a elementary guess is wow-zers!

As for the other gf.. ermm.. although a little hyper and you-cannot-count-on-her to do any planning or booking or even applying for her own visa, but she’s a doctor. A good doctor as a matter of fact. So… at least, if anything were to happen (CHOiiii!!), we have all the medical supplies needed and a pair of very good, loving and steady hands to tend to us. Heh.

All in all, i’m quite glad to have these 2 girlfriends with me for another adventure of mine –uh huh, i’m the sole planner and organizer for the trip, as usual…

Yikes! Gotta go!

Boarding time!

Have a great weekend everyone :)