Mar 212011

I’m back! :)

The China trip is nothing but wonderful, lovely and breathtaking. I’ve been gone for 11 days but it felt like just 3 days! The clock ticked by waaayyy much faster than i’d like it to be, even when i was climbing the 21566184131648733 (in short, endless!!) stair cases! Lol!

Anyway, here’s something to work your appetite for the week while i work on my trip’s photos. I really can’t wait to share all my stories with ya! ;)

Ipoh Hor Fun (from Cantonese hor fun – 河粉) — from Wikipedia :

These are flat rice noodles prepared in the hard water. There are two varieties. Sar hor fun – 沙河粉 is served in a clear chicken and prawn Chau hor fun is fried with a little dark gravy, as opposed to Penang char kway teowwat tan ho which is completely immersed in clear, egg-starch gravy. soup with chicken shreds, prawns and spring onions. which has no gravy but is fried with egg, prawns and cockles. It is also different from Cantonese-style

In my case, my version is Sar Hor Fun.

I had at least 1.5kg of prawn heads sitting in the freezer that waiting to be used. Initially, i wanted to cook Prawn Noodles but unfortunately, i didnt’t have most of the ingredients needed except just a couple. Then, i stared hard at my pantry and fridge for a quick few seconds. In the end, i decided to cook this instead and i must say, no regrets! ;)

All of the ingredients used in this noodle dish is always readily available in my kitchen so, yes.. i’ll be cooking this quite often from now on! It’s extremely easy and very tasty (think of the stock!). Best of all, i could make use of the chicken breast meat which usually would end up in the thrash bin. :P

Ipoh Hor Fun

(serves 4)

For stock

1 chicken breast with bones
300-500g prawn heads, depending on how prawny you like your stock
2L water
fish gravy or salt, to taste


1. Boil chicken breast with water using low heat for at least 1.5 hours.
2. Add in prawn heads and simmer for another 20 minutes before switching the fire off. Stir in fish gravy or salt.
3. Cover and let it sit for another 10 minutes.

For the toppings

chili paste, optional (recipe follows)
2 hard boiled eggs, boiled, peeled and halved, optional
chives, washed and cut (i replaced with spring onions)
200 – 300g bean sprouts, blanched
12 prawns, cooked
chicken meat (can be any part you like, not necessarily breast meat), shredded
fried shallots
800g – 1kg hor fun or flat noodles


1. Prepare all the toppings above — For myself, i enjoy involving the little ones in my meal preparation.. eg ; shredding the chicken meat, peeling the eggs and prawns.

2. Boil a pot full of water and very briefly blanch the noodles in it.

3. Divide the noodles equally among for big bowls before adding in the soup and arranging the toppings onto it.
4. Serve with a spoonful of chili paste if you like for extra oompphhh!

Enjoy! :)

For chili paste
(adapted from here)

15 dried chilies (de-seeded and soaked to soften)
5 shallots (peeled)
2 cloves garlic (peeled)
1 tablespoon of water
3 tablespoons of cooking oil

Blend the chili paste ingredients with a mini food processor until finely ground and well blended. Heat up the wok and add cooking oil. Stir fry the chili paste for 5 minutes. Dish up and set aside.


Submitting this to Muhibbah Monday hosted by lovely Sharon from Test with Skewer.

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  1. Welcom back!!!!! Your Ipoh Hor Fun sure look great with that delicious prawn broth and homemade chili paste :p

  2. can’t wait to see your trip photos and the hor fun looks super duper delicious! esp with the red chillies wooo

  3. Vistied Ipon couple weeks ago and had enjoyed the sar hor fan even it came without prawns and chili paste.
    I am much sold with your lovely, prawny noodles : ).

  4. Oh yum! I love hefen. Just something about the texture makes me happy slurping every single strand up XD. And this broth looks amazingly flavorful.

  5. I love this, I like to add lots of sambal into the soup:D

  6. Welcome back! This is my favourite Malaysian dish, YUMS! Looks like I should recreate this at home too :)

  7. This dish looks way better than anything I’ve tried in Sydney. It looks like has some serious flavour! Yummo!
    Welcome back!

  8. This looks so homey and delicious! I love Hor Fun!

  9. ellena : thank you for your warm welcome! i am now warmed all over for sure! :)

    janine : *smile* the chili paste is quite da bomb!

    tastehongkong : u did?!? it’s awesome yeah? ipoh has many delicious hawker fare! do give this a try! ;)

    xiaolu : same! and i don’t even mind getting a few slaps on the face occasionally while slurrrrping! hahaa!

    jeannie : hi5. what is life without sambal huh? :P

    min : thank you! it’s rather easy but a teeny weeny time consuming that’s all. do give it a try!

    john : must be my 2 hours stock! hehehe.. and thank you!

    angie : excellent for cold days for sure! i love hor fun too!

  10. Indeed, 11 days seem like 3 days, felt at your blog too. Love the intense-flavored prawn stock you have used for the hor fun.

    Hee heee…think I have the same “fish” spoon ;p

  11. YUMMY! What a coincidence, I made Ipoh hor fun for dinner tonight =)

  12. I have never had or heard of this (purely because I have no experience on Malaysian food :-( ) but I ‘m sure I would love this@

  13. omg what a beautiful dish!

  14. Wow, you have such a great little helper. I like to involve the kids too, it makes them less fussy because they usually want to try what they helped cook :) I must make some Sar Hor Fun too, been waiting to try for such a long time, I even made prawn stock ready, it’s in the freezer, but so far never got around to it. You’ve given me the incentive! I think this is what we’ll have for dinner tonight :)

  15. Welcome back!! This looks amazing. The more toppings the more I want it.

  16. Welcome back!! looks a little like Prawn Mee here. yummeehh

  17. tigerfish : just saw your post, and yes, it’s the same ‘fish’ spoon! hahaa!

    pigpigscorner : wow! another great minds think alike! hahahaaaa! :)

    kulsum : you HAVE to come, be it Malaysia or Singapore.. you’ll go maaddddddd over the food *wink*

    anh : =))

    shaz : woo hoo!! bet dinner was good! yeah, it’s fun for the kids to help aye? ;)

    sharlene : thank you!

    swee san : thanks babe! i know, the husband thought so too! not too different from Prawn Mee at all.

  18. Welcome back home.

    Can’t wait to see some more

    of the culinary inspirations you

    brought back with you. :)



  19. OMG I just got a notch hungrier! This looks too beautiful! Thanks for the recipe!

  20. Just had this in a local Malaysian restaurant here and I loved it instantly. The broth was so flavorful probably due to the use of prawn head broth. I’ll have to give it a try once I have collected enough of the prawn heads. Thanks.

  21. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip! This dish looks so super tasty!

  22. reginald : thank you! oh boy, i’m all inspired alright ;)

    mable : *grin* thank you and you are certainly most welcome!

    yi : my pleasure :)

    peggy : and i can’t wait to share! China is beaaauuttiifffuuulllllllllllllll!

  23. Lovely! I wish I could have a bowl of this now! Welcome back!

  24. Yum!!! If you have a recipe for char kway teow, I’d love it!

  25. That looks so yummy!

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