Mar 232011

Can you?

You know, i’m terrible.

Wanna know why?

Because i’m probably the only tourist who goes to Shanghai and not go to The Bund.

Not that i don’t want to.. i tried, but alas..

1st attempt : by the time we reached The Bund at 11pm, the lights were already switched off (part of Go Green effort). i don’t see the point walking along The Bund at almost midnight under 10 Celsius seeing nothing but dark, shapeless buildings which i could hardly recognize. in the end, the gfs and i just hang out in one of the bars along The Bund.

2nd attempt : we reached Shanghai rather early from Hangzhou. after we got ready and made our ways down to the hall at the gf’s place at 9pm, her mother took a bottle out with at least 40% alcohol content and declared that we will not go to bed until the bottle’s empty. of course, being the nice little girls (in her eyes that is — she knows us since Primary School days!) we absolutely couldn’t say no. in the end, we stayed up drinking and chatting merrily all the way past midnight! and nope, she has no idea that we actually intended to go to The Bund at all. i simply don’t have the heart to tell her.

3rst and last attempt : our second last day in Shanghai before we fly off in the morning the next day. it rained the whole day. nuff’ said.

I wanna CRY i tell you. :(


Tthe photo above is the only photo i have (with me in it) of Shanghai at its famous shopping belt, Nanjing Road (南京路).

As much as i love the friends, i have to say… travelling with a bunch of girls who take sucky pictures (of me) is absolutely … err… painful. The angles, the composition, and worst of all, many half humans on my left or right or front of back. It’s very the frustrating lorrrr! All i could do is shake my head and sigh out loud, really out loud. They are aware of it but simply don’t give a damn. Muaaahahhahaahaa!