Mar 242011

Day 5

Tangkou is a good town to stay over before going up to Huangshan early in the morning.

The reasons why i chose to stay a night at Tangkou :

- our bus from Shanghai would only arrive at the mountain’s foot (Tangkou) after 12 noon. so i don’t see the point to go up the mountain after 3pm and waste a whole lot of money on accommodation and food since it would be all dark by the time we settle down in the hotel (on the mountain)
- initially plan was to visit Hongcun Village, which is 40 minutes drive away and Jadeite Valley (20 minutes drive away)
- would love to explore this tiny town a little even though there’s nothing much

However, by the time we arrived at 2.45pm (our bus practically crawled on the Expressway!) and settled down in a hotel, it was already almost 4pm!

Instead of going to Hongcun Village, we were advised to just go to Jadeite Valley, which i agreed.

Jadeite Valley is where the famous “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was (partly) filmed.

Apart from the crystal clear and colourful pools and a small bamboo forest, there isn’t much to see there. However, if your schedule is anything like us, well.. i’d say, going to Jadeite Valley is better than staying in Tangkou, which you could explore under half an hour at a very slow pace.

The nice and serene walk in Jadeite Valley took us almost 2 hours. Granted, we stopped quite a couple of times to monkey around and snapped a couple of photos.

If i could choose again, i would probably take an overnight train from Shanghai to Huangshan City so that i’ll have ample time to do some visiting at Tunxi town (an hour away) before settling down at Tangkou where i would explore both Hongcun Village and Jadeite Valley.

What i last heard is that, there are 3 villages which are similar to Hongcun Village just got discovered. These villages are still raw and untouched (with real locals staying in the houses) , unlike Hongcun, which is already quite commercialized, and almost no locals stay there anymore.


Entrance ticket : RMB 70 per person
Transport with personal driver : RMB 50

Mar 242011

… Or should i say, we take life with a pinch of salt? :)

Have you ever burst out laughing really loud in the middle of a shopping mall, alone, while checking your phone?

I have.

For the first time, yesterday.

The lady who sat next to me must have thought i’m a nut case, because i LOL-ed not once, not twice but quite a few times! :P

* Emails exchanged between the doc, the engineer and the housewife (gawwdd, the most unglam tittle of all!).


The housewife wrote much earlier :

Ahhh.. just when i was gonna send a Thank You note today… 3 lovely emails in the INBOX!

I must agree with all of you. This trip gotta be one of my best trips ever if not the best. So much laughter.. can’t believe i actually laughed till i cried in that Hunan restaurant. Geez. And aiyoh.. so much clowning during our excursion. C1, you have no idea how ridiculous we were.. we laughed almost throughout! What fun!

C1, thank you for everything! From providing us shelter in your lovely abode to bargaining on our behalves for the BEST price. U are da BOMB, girl! Without you, i wonder what damage would be done to our bank accounts! Also, for being the step mother (as your mom puts it) to make sure we have proper food for dinner on our last night. And oh, for unselfishly lending us everything that we need. Seriously, not many humans are this generous these days! Babe, we really cannot ask for a better hostess and friend. No one, absolutely no one, can do what you did for us. BIG HUGS!!

P, for being the maid for the trip. Sorry lahh.. but can’t help it. Hahahahahahahahahaaa! Don’t belittle maids okay (i can’t live without my maid!). Without your assistance during this trip, i wonder what would become of us but mostly C2. Perhaps C2 and i would die from thirst. HAhahahhaahaa! :PPppPPp Of course, thank you for being such a good sport for taking all our nonsensical and inane teasing and blabbering. Hahahaa.. you know we don’t mean any of it right? *wink*

C2, for being the air pollution, ooppss, i meant to say, music to our ears. LOL! To have a fun trip, YOU is a must! Serious. No joke. Even though you fart in the middle of the night discreetly, snore throughout the night waking us up, and making us wait for you at least half an hour before each and every of our departure with you bombing the toilet religiously everyday, we love you all the same! Not even a little less. Promise. Hahahahhahaa! xoxo

So yes, Brazil.. here we come.. SOON!

Thank you for the wonderful memories girls… What a great way to start my 30-something this year  :)



(Emails received when i was in the mall alone yesterday, waiting for bestie)

The doctor wrote — ignore my silly nickname. only she calls me that and i’ve no idea why! :

omg lufoo!! hey u guys are lucky that I’m such a sound sleeper….who knows what happened in the night….!!

yes to add on….yea tan….u gave us everything we needed…u shared ur lovely son with us…he’s such a bundle of joy…..felt so sad on sun….knowing u’d be gone further n we’d see even less of ya…n ur warm home n ur helpful maid:) the prefect hostess u. n for teaching me how to bargain….its an art man….I’m ok at it…thk i give them more still…ha….need more lessons…

lufoo….the trip was planned perfectly as always…there was always something to do n see n taste…usually the best of this n that…n the must not be missed places….felt privileged really…like our personal guide….definitely agree on the endless fun n laughter throughout the trip…..was great:) as i recall…u did some farting on ur own too…lol…..roflmao….can’t wait to see the pics:) oh yes n all ur ‘teh’ ways……thankful for that…thk we were treated better…got better offers….

ahh pet…our new edition….totally blended in well with us…tolerated everything…deep down she must be just as crazy ….we definitely needed u for the trip to take care of things…thk ure the protector of the group….even tho ur puny….lol…jk….ya thk we’d die of thirst without u…n appreciate ur non-fussy nature….oh n the massage…omg……still can’t believe it works….cud walk down the stairs better after that….n a constant reminder that i should go for mass (def good thing:)..n just looking at u reminds me of saying grace before meals….serious….

n on my defence……fibre makes anyone bloated!!:p…….n the snoring… says if ppl get tired they do that…..n mine wasn’t constant so we can’t classify me as that…..n last thing……tan yno they use the loo before me in the mornings….how can i not be last….eh but I’m damn fast tho….i shock myself sometimes……ha

k next trip here we come….tan will be in brazil say in 3 years?….we’ll liase with lufoo…..will go anywhere she goes…ha

bear hugz


Then, the big shot engineer fired back :

U guys are lucky I am busy, no time to respond …. First I am called a maid. Next I am called puny. .. =P



U say lah, how not to burst out laughing like mad, especially when the scenes of us doing the many silly stuff and endless teasing all were automatically replayed in the head?