Apr 042011

How to grill saba fish (whole)

1 whole saba fish, at least 500g – 1 kg
4-5 tbsp terriyaki sauce
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil


1. cling wrap and marinate the fish in terriyaki sauce or any sauce you like for at least half an hour.
2. preheat oven (grill function) to 175C for at 15 minutes, or till the temperature indicator switches off
3. slide the fish in and grill for 6 minutes after rubbing the olive oil all over the fish. do remember to reserve the marinade.
4. after 6 minutes, turn the fish over to the other side. drizzle in the saved marinade onto the fish and grill for another 2-4 minutes, or until the fish is golden in colour.
5. serve immediately.

Verdict : after trying saba fish in whole, it’s bye bye saba fillets for me! saba fish in whole is way much juicier and the meat has that melt in your mouth texture! love it!


For serving idea, do hop over here.

I like having my saba fish served the Japanese way – rice with lotsa furikake and additional fried seaweed which my dear sister lugs back for me from Taiwan every time she comes visit. So very simple and satisfying! :).

  6 Responses to “How to grill saba fish or mackerel”

  1. I love grilled saba and order it almost every time I eat Japanese. Now I can make it at home!

  2. haha i had saba for dinner last weekend. unfortunately the saba we can get here isn’t as big as the one you used.

  3. pickyin : it’s so easy, delish and economical that u will never order it ever again at Japanese restaurants!

    grub : doesn’t matter big or small. if it’s saba, it’s YUMS! haha!

  4. I throw mine in the broiler..does the oven’s there come with a special fish compartment in the oven?

  5. If I can find whole saba fish , fresh over here, I will try this. But no teriyaki sauce for me, so I may just do the lemony thing! :o

  6. elle : unfortunately no.. there’s no special fish compartment in the oven, or maybe, it’s just my oven. hehe.

    tigerfish : lemony thingy is good enough! ;)

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