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you may not be able to tell but the valley below.. it was thousands of feet down there! quite nerve wrecking as i snapped away..

Did i just scare you?

What? NO?


Very well… i’ll stick to my original opening shot then. :P


Day 6



Real tough.

I don’t know how to even begin this post of mine. So so many photos! Guess i’ll keep it simple ;)

Hotel : PaiYunLou

Route of the day : hotel – West Grand Canyon – hotel – Rock Watching Pavilion – hotel

PaiYunLou Hotel

As soon as we finished our instant noodle lunch after we checked in, we wasted no precious time but to go out and play again.

The hotel does provide thick, fluffy, marshmallow jackets for guests like myself, who sorta overestimated her North Face Summit fleece and jacket. Due to the weather condition, a large part of West Grand Canyon was closed. The only section that was open that day, or for the rest of March for that matter, was just a tiny fraction from the giant loop. I think we probably got to the first ring and that was it. The rest of the loop, from what i heard, was a little too dangerous to explore during this time of the year.

We were very disappointed.

I mean, that was the real reason why i picked the hotel!

Initially, i thought the loop would be open to at least ring 2. When i was asking around — i even called the hotel — no one could give me an answer. That was why i took the risk and booked ahead. But no matter, because we got to see other parts of Huangshan which i thought we would not be able to see! :)

Even though the trek to West Sea Grand Canyon was a short one, it still took us an hour plus to complete. It was too beautiful. We took our own sweet time to snap plenty of photos and monkey around. We also managed to just sit down and just smell the flowers snow. Nature at its best. It was impossible to ignore the beauty and just walk away. So very magnificent.

Surprisingly, nothing much went through the mind as i sat down in all that quietness with my eyes shut. It gotta be the serenity, the tranquility, the calmness, the beauty, the grandness…

Those moments were truly magical.

(i’m one of the rare few whose mind simply cannot stop churning even when i’m having a damn good body massage or when i’m meditating! terrible!).

It’s really a pity that my photography skill isn’t quite there yet to capture the magnificent mountain. :(

It’s really even more pitiful that i don’t have a wide angle lens to lug along with me. :((

These photos that you are seeing here, were taken on the tiny section of West Sea Grand Canyon. I simply can’t imagine the rest of the canyon, exactly what did we miss?!?

And more of the canyon…

Did i mention that the mountain is sparkling clean?

I was shocked to be honest…

And the toilets.. oh boy, you will want me to go there! Haha!

They are very very clean!

See the picture above, middle right?

The mountain has these cleaners working around the clock. For every.. say, 300m, you’ll see one. Impressed? I sure was!

After we patah balik to the hotel from the canyon, we marched ahead to Rock Watching Pavilion.

The initial plan was to catch sunset, but hmmm.. looking at the weather, we were extremely skeptical! Moreover, we didn’t have much time left before the sun set.. so in the end, before we could reach the Pavilion, we did a U-turn and went back to the hotel — trust me, you won’t wanna walk around in the dark, in this particular weather to be exact. However, the views to the Pavilion were quite something if not spectacular. Completely different from the canyon, but still… it took our breath away, literally, just as grub commented.

The stair case… goodness, it was never ending!

I was always the last one behind. Hahaa! Don’t pray pray (play play) okay, i may be slow.. but i was steady! And i was the photographer! Stopping a little more frequently and longer than the friends, who just whipped out their phones or compact camera, clicked and off again. Yeah.. excusesesesesesessss, i know! :P

Can you see my windburn in the picture above? Uh huh, windburn.. not sunburn. You can get windburn too! (explains the cold aye? the cold is always worse when there’s wind)

The windburn was horrid.

My cheeks and nose were red. The skin was extremely sensitive. By nightfall, i was a few shades darker than norm. Then the doc advised me to slap on layerssss of moisturizer and guess what? It worked! I was all OK again the next day. :)

I love this picture!


Do you know why?

As you may have noticed, i like taking pictures without any humans in it, if possible. So, whenever i wanna snap a photo but the friends were in the way, i’ll shout, B-OFF! (for buzz off) Of course, it was awkward and uncomfortable to ask the friends to scramble off at first, but after a while, the friends told me to just shout B-OFF whenever i needed them to be, so.. B-OFF it was! Heh!

(yeah, such friends are hard to come by eh? that is why, i only travel with certain friends. even my bestie (Singapore’s), i dare not travel with her, yet. hahaahaha! oopss, i sure hope she is not reading this!)

Anyway.. back to the picture.

When i shouted B-OFF for this particular picture, this was how the friends scrambled off. Lol! They hid behind a tree! A skinny tree! *faint* Seriously! What were they thinking?!?! HAhaahhahaa!

Needless to say, i had to snap this picture.

So funny lorrrr!

Totally priceless. :)


Note : to those who dare to rip off my photos without my permission, i’ll come after you with my parang!

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  1. Wow the photos are breathtaking! It’s gorgeous the view and the essence you’ve captured :) Great job! Looks like a truly out of the world trip you had!

  2. Beautifully done photos, tell me more about those frozen locks? Glad you are wearing a snow suit. burrrr looks so cold.. I can’t believe this is China.

  3. Those photos are breathtaking! One of my friends is exactly like you…prefer taking the pictures of nature..I am so glad that you have enjoyed the visit to China. :-))

  4. Beautiful photos… and I just could not stop laughing reading your last para and the photo of course… classic!!

  5. Such gorgeous photos!! You are so adventurous!!! Ok..i’m one of those you don’t want to travel with..cos i only want to hang out in shopping centres or is it theme parks..hmm..LOL!

  6. Terrible photo’s, just terrible. So bad I want to make most of them my new desktop image! I LOVE the one with the icicles! I’m loving your winter-land adventure! Keep ‘em coming!

  7. wow! i love your photo log. The experience on huang shan must be truely sublime and ethereal

  8. Hi may I know when u went to huang Shan? I planning to go also

  9. min + travellingfoodies: thank you! truly sublime and out of this world indeed =)

    elle : apparently, it’s for lovers. after locking, they’ll throw the key down the cliff so that their love will exist forever and never leave each other. they call it immortal love. and yes, this is China!

    angie : i LOVE china! so much so that i don’t mind retiring there. hehe.

    lisa : hehehe! the friends are clowns lahh…

    faithy : can lahh… if wanna go theme parks, i’ll bring my ‘gang’! heeee!

    john : LOL! awwww.. coming from the pro (si fu), i’m truly flattered! ;)

    edd : hi there. i went just last month, in March.

  10. Lovely photos, very breathtaking!

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