Apr 152011

One of the first few emails exchanged when i first got to know Notabilia was  her inviting me to do a guest post on her lovely and very interesting blog.

Of course i said YES!

Notabilia, an artsy/crafty New Yorker living in Singapore. Her blog covers literature, art, independent design, creative people, pretty things, and regional travel. Also, she is an editor, writer and a lecturer! Errmm.. if i were to elaborate further, i would need another 3 hours or so. Hence, i’m leaving it as it is for you to find out more on her pretty blog. :)

Months later when i was doing my usual weekly marketing at the nearby wet market, the first thought that raced through my mind when i spied the purple sweet potatoes was “NOTABILIA. GUEST POST. KUIH!”

You see, Notabilia did mention that if possible, she would love me to whip up some local dessert for my guest post and preferably, a vegetarian dessert (she’s a vegetarian). After a few seconds of brainstorming, i came up with Kuih Keria – the Asian doughnut, which is made with very high percentage of sweet potato. I texted Notabilia immediately and her reply was, “Purple food? I am sold! Send photos my way!”.

I was pleased to no end to be honest, because if she were to decline.. i would still go ahead and make these kuih. Hahahhaa! :P

It has been almost a decade since i last had these yummilicious kuih, you know… and i needed to sink my teeth into them asap since the idea was already in the head. Moreover, they are SO very simple to make that you might refuse to believe your eyes when you scan through the recipe.

Oh, did i also mention that you only need 4 ingredients, apart from sweet potato?

4 readily available ingredients in your kitchen pantry — tapioca flour, all purpose flour, sugar and oil.

Now now…. seriously!

Hop over to notabilia for my recipe and more photos already and whip up some this weekend! ;)


Submitting this to Suresh from 3hungrytummies for Muhibbah Monday!

  303 Responses to “Guest Post on Notabilia : (Purple) Kuih Keria”

  1. You are much too kind, Sherie! Thank you for your sweet words. It has been a pleasure getting to know you over these past few months. I look forward to a long, delicious (ha!) friendship.

  2. This is beautiful!!!! How we wish our purple chiffon cake turns out to be this “purple” colour rite :) I will sure try this because this is my favourite childhood snack. I can eat 3 at one go leh and yours have captured my heart for it :)

  3. notabilia : *grin* and as shallow as i might sound, i look forward to our durian high tea date! Muaaahahahhaa!

    ellena : u are so sweet la, ellena! eat 3 only ah? i can beat you to that… hahahaha!

  4. Wow….lovely rings (or fruit loops?:P) ! I don’t think I have tried Kuih Keria though. :O

  5. Is there a chance that you may perhaps LOVE ube? “giggles”

  6. ah… kuih keria… so that’s what these sweet potato donuts are called…. i love the intense purple!

  7. What a lovely idea, sweet potato donuts, nice and healthy.

  8. You are a winner. They are damn beautiful and look so yummy I’m willing to walk to your apartment just to have a bite.

  9. tigerfish : it’s donut! i have to agree.. we can hardly find any stalls that sell this in Singapore! but it’s rather well known in Malaysia.

    elle : i have a feeling that ube might just be purple sweet potato, from what i have been reading!

    travellingfoodies : ahh yes! do try them if u chance upon them in malay stalls!

    eugene : hahaha.. WALK? no need la.. take a bus also can!

  10. Oh my goodness. Kuih Keria is my kryptonite. The last tiem I made some, I ate almost half of them in one go!! I love how beautiful your purple version look. Must go check out Notabilia, yay, another new blog to read :)

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  12. Hi! Can i link your blog to my post for one of my recipe if you won’t mind? :)

  13. shaz : *grin* thank you dear… yes, do check out Notabilia!

    Sheila : Of course! Feel free to link me up ;)

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