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When i threatened not to bake this ever again should i fail on this attempt, the cake got scared and gave me the colour i wanted it to be!

Truth be told, this is not my 3rd attempt like i mentioned on my failed chiffon cake post. It’s my 4th! So what happened on my 3rd attempt?


I forgot the flour.


You read right.

I cleverly forgot the F.L.O.U.R. *pengsan*

I found that out seconds after i popped the cake into the oven! I blame Hugh Jackman. Really. Because of him, i had only 5 hours of sleep on Friday night and that gotta be the reason i missed out the flour! I do not function well with sleep less than 8 hours a day, and no interruption please.

Initially, I was tempted to get the cake out immediately and mix in the flour there and then but i figured it won’t work. I’d probably end up with a deflated chiffon cake batter. In that milliseconds time frame, i thought i’d just save the flour for attempt no.4… Better to waste a chiffon cake sans flour than a chiffon cake with flour if you get what i mean.

While cleaning up the mess, i randomly thought of something. If brownie happened because the baker forgot the flour for a butter cake, what will happen to a chiffon cake if the baker forgets its flour?

Yeeppppppp.. that’s correct!

I get souffle!

A GIANT SWEET POTATO SOUFFLE, with egg yolks that is. Kkekekkeee.

Now, the souffle.. it wasn’t awesome, but it can do. I mean, i’ve never liked any souffle to begin with.. so, i’m not the best person to judge this accidental sweet potato souffle of mine. For all you know, the souffle lovers out there might like it, yknow! HA!

Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake

from Florence

(22-23cm chiffon tube pan)

200g purple sweet potato (steam and mashed)
6 tbsp milk

6 egg yolks
40g brown sugar
pinch of salt
100ml / 82g corn oil
5-6 tbsp water

170g cake flour

8  egg whites
100g sugar


1. Steam sweet potato, add milk to it and mashed till fine or blend it in a blender.
2. Mix all ingredients in (A) till well blended. Add in the mashed sweet potato and mix well. Sieve in (B) and mixed till smooth and lump-free. If batter is on the dry side, add a tablespoonful of water, spoon by spoon – some purple sweet potatoes can be quite dry.
3. Beat egg whites in (C) till stiff.
4. Add half portion of egg white mixture into egg yolk mixture and mix well with a spatula.
5. Pour egg yolk mixture into the remaining white and mix till well-combined.
6. Pour batter into chiffon pan. Bang the cake pan a couple of times to release air bubbles in the batter.
7. Bake at 180C for 30 minutes or till cooked.
8. Invert the cake and cool it completely in the tin.

To make the batter pinkish

1 lemon


1. mix 1/2 the lemon juice in step 1 and another half in step 5 (shown in the picture below)


So what exactly happened to my previous 2 attempts for this chiffon cake?

Why was the colour grey instead of the pretty pink purplish hue that you see here?

After 2 attempts, i found out why.

In all seriousness, i’m appalled that not many mentioned this. Just 1 or 2 did but they also cited other reasons, which could be the reason as well (yes, Kirbie, you are one of them.. so sweet and unselfish of you! thank you!) So yes, after 2 very carefully monitored but unsuccessful attempts, i had no choice but to try out my very last resort which i wasn’t quite keen on — lemon juice.


That’s right!

The secret is to add in lemon juice!

Check this picture out, taken with my iPhone because the camera didn’t wanna work at that moment of time.

(ppssttt : the reason why i was not keen to add the lemon juice in is because i do not want the flavour of this cake to be tampered with something that might alter the cake’s taste altogether)

Amazing huh?

I did mix in the lemon juice at step 1. The colour did become dark pink purplish there after. But at step 4, not too long after i fold in the egg white into the egg yolk mixture, the colour changed to almost greyish again. Trust me, i did freak out at this point. I mean, c’mon.. lemon juice.. my last resort. It needs to be OK! I can’t afford anymore grey sweet potato chiffon cake!

Seeing that i have the other half unused lemon, i squeezed in more juice, praying that the colour would be bleached once more and it did!

This time, it became bright pink, at areas where the lemon juice pitter patter-ed on.

I squealed in delight!

As i fold the lemon juice in, the whole batter miraculously turned pinkish.

I squealed even louder!



I was really pleased.

You have…. NO idea. HAHAHAHAHA!

So yes.. here you go, the end of my purple sweet potato chiffon cake journey. Quite an eventful one i must say. Heh. But i certainly do not hope this happens too often though. It’s rather miserable if this happens too often to people like myself… People who don’t give up easily. People who don’t quite accept an imperfect outcome.

Oh well, i guess once a blue moon is inevitable yeah? :)

So how do i like this chiffon cake?

I have to say, i enjoy it tremendously.

I’m not a chiffon cake person. Mostly because i don’t fancy anything too light and too airy (no satisfaction but that’s just me). But this cake, i likey. The sweet potato taste is not quite there. You can’t taste much of it. Bet if you were to blindfold me and feed me this cake again 1 year later, i might not be able to tell you the answer. I’d probably get heart attack from guessing first before i could tell you it’s sweet potato. Haha!

After frosting it with white chocolate cream, my gawwddd.. the cake rocks!

Refrigerating the cake makes it a leeetle bit more dense (nice!!) … and together with white chocolate cream, it’s OOH LA LA!!

So by my definition, this cake is a winner.


Only if it’s covered in white chocolate cream and kept refrigerated. HAHAA!

  37 Responses to “Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake with White Chocolate Cream — SUCCESS!”

  1. This looks amazingly light and fluffy. I love the color!

  2. Ahhhhhhh the taste (and look) of success finally! So pretty, NOW I will make this cake soon, you rock Sherie, thanks for not giving up and finding out the fix.

  3. So the “KEY” to success is LEMON JUICE!!!! OMG!!!! THat’s shows that WHY i failed my science hahaha… thanks Sherie now we can have our favourite pinky, purple chifffon cake the way we want…. yeah!!!! :p

  4. What a lovely colour! Thanks for experimenting and sharing your results with us..:D Now I am off to see if I could get some purple sweet potatoes to bake this lovely cake! I do like airy cakes!

  5. This is so gorgeous. When I first looked at the photo, I couldn’t help but wonder what you added into the mixture to make it look so pink. Beetroot? Food colouring? Berries? It just didn’t occur to me that you used purple sweet potato. What a genius! I love sweet potatoes, but I totally forgot about the existence of purple sweet potatoes.

  6. sharlene + pickyin : *smile* thank you ladies!

    ellena : exactly! now u can move on and make your sweet potato sponge cake too!

    jeannie : my pleasure! if u like airy cakes, u must bake this soon! skip the ganache so that you don’t have to refrigerate the cake ;)

    kayla : thanks babe! i heart sweet potato too. i often have them steamed for breakfast ;)

  7. hahah bleaching did work! i’m glad your cake worked out this time or else we would never see it again on your blog :P

  8. So the magic ingredient is actually Lemon Juice! Congrats on the success! It is ok that the fifth time is a charm ;-)

  9. You don’t like chiffon cake? Give me lah! :p

  10. Congratulations… For the delicious looking chiffon cake and for being so rajin n did not give up
    And thanks for the tip of using Lemon :)

  11. Yay!! Looks amazing!!! :D

  12. The colour looks pretty cool and even matches your plate :)

  13. WOw that’s an amazingly pretty coloured cake! I had no idea lavender coloured cakes were even possible :)

  14. Yay you succeeded!! The shade of lavender is just gorgeous, when I return to Singapore, can you feed me, pretty please? :p

  15. Heh so did the cake taste of lemon after all? The color looks perfect and ever since your tweet a few days ago, I’ve been waiting eagerly for this post of yours so that I can make mine sans the greyish color ;p

  16. Fabu fabu !!! LOVE the color.. man, I hate when I have fails, and fails, but it’s so freak’n rewarding when that same recipe you’ve been going at… has such a success..chic photos to boot!

  17. oh i love that color!

  18. Well done, Sherie! you have succeed and that is a marvelous cake. i love its purple color and the whole cake is so inviting. thank you for sharing your recipe and i always enjoy your photography style.

  19. very very pretty!! Now I’m going to go get more of these sweet potatoes and make this.

  20. Congrats!!! 4 attempts, man you are persistent! :D I’m inspired by your spirit, heheh… Thank you for sharing the secret, the photo is AWESOME! Love the plate, love the setting, LOVE the purple in the cake :)

  21. Don’t hit me…but I love the colour from last try :-p
    p.s About salad dressing, have you tried French remoulade sauce? It’s very much like the tartar sauce. (Eggs are allowed in detox, I believe? )

  22. You have purple fetish? heheh I’ve noticed you have many purple recipes! I’ve not attempted chiffon yet .. they’re rather scary but if you can succeed in 3 tries, I think I can do it in 30.

  23. Thank you… for all the kind comments. Appreciate it! Good luck to all who will be trying this soon. ;)

    tigerfish : naaaahhh! *hands out 3 slices to tigerfish* :P

    pleasure monger : why, of course!

    janine: it’s definitely there, but not strange enough to stop me from devouring almost the whole cake myself. hahaha!

    angie : WHAT? U do?!?! hahahaa.. yeah, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. so, sweet potato chiffon cake sans lemon juice for ya! French remoulade sauce? GOOGLING! Thanks! xx

    eugene : hahaha! not quite.. but purple food is beautiful doncha think? oh no.. chiffon is not scary at all. i attempted 3 tries because i couldn’t get the colour i wanted. hee! nothing to do with the cake texture at all ;)

  24. Lovely looking cake and the colour is nice too! Am sure it tastes wonderful!

  25. I’m so happy you finally succeeded! I think it’s funny that you worked so hard on this cake and you don’t even really like chiffon cakes. heehee

  26. mycookinghut : thank you dear!

    kirbie : hahahaa… i’m strange like that :P

  27. Yum! I love sweet potato, what a great way to use it! :)

  28. Congratulations on achieving the desired chiffon cake color and thank you for sharing that secret ingredient—-lemon juice. Could you be more specific about when to add the lemon juice in the mixing process and the amount of lemon juice. Your generous spirit to share what you learned from your purple sweet potato chiffon cake trials is greatly appreciated. You inspire confidence to bake this chiffon cake with the appealing color.

  29. lynne : sure is! ;)

    opakapaka : thank you and post edited! all the best to you ;)

  30. Thank you very much Cherie for clarifying when to put in the lemon juice during the mixing process and how much juice each time. The weekend is here. I will attempt the chiffon cake using the purple sweet potato in a lemon chiffon cake recipe that fits a 10-inch size pan. Hope I can report “color” achieved. Aloha!

  31. found this on tastespotting!

    the color is BEAUTIFUL! my american boyfriend has grown a taste for purple yam (“ube”) and I’ll certainly make this for him.

    thanks for the pictures and recipe :)

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  33. [...] Now, the Author, Maameemoomoo, stresses the importance of the lemon juice, it helps bring in the appealing colour seen in her photo shared atop. For further notes on her experience, feel free to check out her blog/recipe here. [...]

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